Choosing The Best Earrings For Your Outfit

Earrings should be carefully chosen to complement your outfit. Use these tips about size, color, activity, hairstyle and more to achieve a stylish look.

Whether casual, business, or formal, no outfit is complete until it is properly accessorized. If accessories are picked at random, they may overpower an outfit and detract from the wearer, becoming a focal point rather than a complementary piece. When selecting earrings, it is vital to consider many factors, including size, color, activities, time of day, and hairstyle in order to choose stylish and attractive pieces.

The first consideration for selecting earrings should be the day's activities. If you are accessorizing business attire and will be answering telephones, large earrings with long posts will be uncomfortable and could create unnecessary noise. Similarly, large earrings are impractical for athletic activities, even if it is only a quick trip to the gym during lunch. Smaller earrings such as studs, small hoops, or single gemstones would be more appropriate and comfortable. Clip-on earrings are another fine choice, since they can be removed quickly and easily.

Color is another prime consideration, and earring color should match the outfit in one of two ways. If the majority of the outfit is one color, earrings of a similar shade provide a coordinated look. If the clothing has significant embellishments or uses many different colors, the earrings can coordinate with one color to highlight it and make it more noticeable, tying different elements of the outfit together. If an outfit is too complex to choose a single matching color, or else no coordinating earrings are available, choose neutral earrings such as plain metallic hoops or studs, or small diamonds or pearls. These choices coordinate with a variety of outfits and will not overwhelm a complex ensemble.

Earring size is another consideration. A woman with petite features and a slender neck could look dominated by large earrings, while small studs may be lost on a woman with stronger features. Hairstyle must also be factored into earring size: long, flowing hair can easily hide small earrings or become entangled in a large, complex pair. Elaborate earrings look overdone when paired with a complex hairstyle, yet very simple earrings can look equally out of place. Earrings should be chosen to create a balance between facial features, hairstyle, and cosmetics.

The time of day and the occasion are also considerations when choosing the best earrings. Just as a formal gown may look out of place at a casual brunch, expensive or elaborate earrings may also be inappropriate for informal affairs. Diamonds and other gemstones are best reserved for evening wear or formal occasions such as weddings and other celebrations.

If you have multiple ear piercings, different pairs of earrings need to be coordinated with one another as well as with the entire outfit. Generally, only one set of earrings should be large or elaborate, typically the lowest set on the lobe. Several pairs of elaborate earrings create too much bulk, as well as risking entanglement. Higher earrings should be neutral or coordinate in color or shape with the larger pair, such as using different sizes of hoops or choosing a variety of shades of the same color. If an outfit has many colors, different studs can be chosen to highlight the range of colors.

No matter which earrings you choose, always be sure the backs are secure. Replacement backs can be metal or plastic, and should fit snugly but not so tight that they are difficult to remove. In an emergency, a small piece of pencil eraser can serve as a temporary back, but the earring should be cleaned afterwards to prevent possible infection.

Choosing the perfect earrings requires consideration of many factors. By noting activities, hairstyle, features, and other factors while choosing earrings, it is easy to coordinate an attractive outfit that complements the wearer without being overwhelming. Such attention to detail makes earrings necessary accessories that no carefully chosen outfit would be complete without.

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