Choosing Highlight Colors For Black Hair

If you're thinking about dyeing your hair, consider highlighting it instead. With dark hairs there are lots of nice colors to choose from.

If you want to do something different with your hair but you're not in the mood to make radical changes consider using highlights. Highlights diverge from other kinds of hair dye primarily because the product allows you to color parts of your hair rather every single strand.Highlights are also an excellent way choice if you would like to get rid of a few grey hairs.

The primary consideration when choosing highlights is your current hair color.If you have black hair carefully consider what kind of look you want in advance before choosing a highlight color.Do you want to go bold and use a very dissimilar shade? Or would you rather stick to a softer and less contrasting color? Once you've made this decision, you need to decide if you want to get the highlights done in a salon or by yourself.A salon offers you professional services but can be pricey. Doing it yourself is generally cheaper and offers you more control.If you decide to do it at home, make sure you have someone to help you out before you begin.

If you want a daring look then you should chose blond highlights.The yellow color will contrast vividly with the darker color of your natural hair.This effect can be very striking and perfectly suited for someone with an outgoing personality.If you're doing the highlighting at home take a close look at the product box.There should be a chart on the side that gives you a chance to see what it looks like once applied.People with black hair need to pay close attention to this chart because there are many shades of blond that don't work well on people with darker hair.

Blond hair will always be noticeable on someone with dark hair so once you start to apply the highlights do so very carefully.Ideally your hair should be no more than ten to twenty percent blond once you've finished. If you would like to stick to a more subtle color enhancement then any shade of red is an excellent idea.Reds and auburns can be a great way to gently enhance black hair.This color choice has the added bonus of giving the user a very natural appearance since significant minorities of those with darker hair have reddish tints in their hair.

Reds are divided into two groups: dyes with blond undertones and dyes with black undertones.Highlights that have a blond undertone are brighter.Think of the color of a strawberry.Highlights with black undertones are darker.Think of the color of a cherry.Chose which one you want based on how much you want the highlights to stand out.There are some shades that actually veer off into the purple family.Stay away from these shades if your hair to look as natural as possible.The more understated reddish shade can be used to color up to forty percent of your hair.

Another good restrained color highlight choice for someone with black hair is a brown based highlight.Like reddish shades browns are also divided into darker and lighter tones.Highlights with lots of blond will appear lighter.Brown is another shade that can also be used in larger quantities.A brownish tint adds nuance and low key interest black hair. Highlights offer users an infinite number of possible results.Take the opportunity to experiment and find out which color combination you like the best.

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