Choosing The Best One Piece Swimsuits For The Body Concious

There are plenty of one-piece swimsuits that will make the average woman feel comfortable, minimize her shortcomings and accentuate her assets.

Swimsuit shopping is not a pleasant activity for the body conscious woman. She longs to prance about in a teeny bikini""lean, tanned legs skimming the sand. She looks into a mirror in a far corner of the dressing room, agonizing over her jiggly thighs"¦her not-so-flat belly"¦her pancake bottom; she slithers over to the one-pieces, hoping to find a dark, matronly suit that will disguise her imperfections.

Fortunately, there are plenty of one-piece swimsuits that will not only make the average woman feel comfortable, but will minimize her shortcomings and accentuate her assets.

If you have full hips & thighs"¦


--High cut thighs (immediately call attention to your problem area)

--Horizontal stripes (draw the eye across your hips, making them appear wider)


--Short, flirty skirts (conceal the area and create the illusion of proportion)

--Vertical stripes (elongate the torso, pulling the eye downward, instead of across)

--Modest cut thighs (create a more svelte hip/thigh region)

If you have an ample midsection"¦


--Bright, shiny fabrics (accentuate folds and bulges)

--Horizontal stripes (draw the eye out and across your belly, making you appear rounder)

--Belts or center closures (act as an accessory for your waits, calling attention to the fullness)


--Fun prints (hide bulges and folds)

--Vertical stripes (pull the eye downward, making you appear slimmer)

--Dark solids (create a leaner, lengthier torso; also hides imperfections)

If you have a generous bosom"¦


--Low-cut necklines (elongate the breasts)

--Loose-fitting cups (cover, but don't enhance appearance)

--Halter tops (fold and cut into the neck and shoulders)

--Thin straps (provide little support; can also dig into the shoulders)


--Cups with under wire (provide great support and creates proportion w/ hips)

--Thick straps (lay flat against the shoulders, which helps prevent digging)

--Racer back tops (provide support all over the upper body)

--Square-cut necks (draw the eye across, making breasts appear fuller, not longer)

--Dual-lined cups (disguise bulges or imperfections)

If you have an undefined waist"¦


--Horizontal stripes (provide no illusory curves)

--Square-cut necks (accentuate a "square" middle)


--V-necks (draw the eye toward the navel, making hips appear fuller)

--Diagonal stripes or patterns (pull the eye down and across over the waist's natural line)

--Belts or center closures (separate the hips from the upper body""faux waist

--High-cut thighs (create a fuller bottom, defining the waist)

If you have a flat bottom"¦


--High-cut back openings (lengthen the rear)

--Horizontal stripes (draw the eye across, instead of out)

--Low-cut thighs (pull the eye down)

--Dark, opaque fabric (makes the rear appear flat)


--High-cut thighs (pull the eye in, adding fullness to the rear)

--Bright patterns (disguise shapelessness)

--Shiny fabric (highlight the shape of the bottom)

--Low-cut back openings (define the hips)

If you're generous all over"¦


--Flimsy fabrics (accentuate flaws)

--Boring cuts & patterns (draw attention to the body, as the suit does not entice the eye)

--Flat, solid color ((highlight lumps and bumps)

--Fluorescent color (acts as a magnifying glass over your belly, hips and rear)


--Firm-hold fabrics (offer support and create proportion)

--High-cut thighs (elongate the torso and legs, making you appear lean)

--Fun patterns (disguise from problem areas)

--Shiny, classic color (like black, navy and cranberry are flattering on fuller body shapes)

Remember that a quality swimsuit is always a wise investment. A classic piece that is both flattering and functional will keep you feeling confident and ready to hit the beach.

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