Choosing The Best One Piece Swimsuits For Petite Women

How to choose a bathing suit that will always flatter your figure. Advice for short, small and thin women.

The average woman is 5"4 tall.Women who fall below this height are considered petit.Petit woman should choose swimsuits very carefully.The right kind can lengthen your torso, make you look taller and de-emphasize problem areas. One of the best options for shorter women is the one piece swimsuit.It is preferable to a bikini because it lengthens your bodyline.One piece swimsuits come in all colors and styles.Several types work better for the diminutive woman than others.

The solid color swimsuit is a nice choice because the single color does not interrupt the eye.The longer line brings attention to your face and legs.When choosing a swimsuit in a single color, pay careful attention to the color you chose. Different colors set different moods.Black and other dark neutral colors absorb light and make the bathing suit appear to fade away.This effect can be very slimming.Matching the color of the suit to your eyes or hair is another effective technique that will also draw attention upwards.

Patterns are a perfectly acceptable choice for the petit woman but they must be the right kind of pattern.For instance, horizontal stripes can be a poor choice because stripes tend to make less than perfect body parts stand out even more.A large stomach will look larger when wrapped in circles.On the other hand, vertical stripes are a good choice because they make you look taller and thinner.

Another good pattern choice is the small repeating pattern.This type of pattern will make your legs look longer.Larger patterns should be avoided.On a woman with a short torso, a loud pattern will appear choppy and look as if significant parts of the pattern are missing.

Another fine choice for women who fall at the end of the height spectrum is a style with a skirt.This is a demure look for the beach but can be pretty if the bathing suit looks like a nice dress.Some swimsuits have one primary color and a little splash of another color in the piping or top.This is also a good choice because the small bits of color focus the viewer's attention on the details of the bathing suit.

In addition to height, there are other factors the petit woman should consider when selecting a swimsuit.The bust is very important. A smaller bust tends to look better proportioned on a compact woman. If you have a small bust you can create the illusion of a larger one by choosing a swimsuit with a heart-shaped neckline or ruffled top.If you are more amply endowed it's best to avoid either style because your top will look heavy and out of proportion.You may want to show off your cleavage with a plunging or keyhole neckline.

There are several types of swimsuits that should be completely avoided if you are petit.A popular style is the one piece swimsuit divided in half.The top may be a different color or pattern than the bottom.Do not wear this style.It will cut your torso in half and make you look shorter.Another swimsuit fashion to avoid is the kind of suit that comes with a belt around the middle.While this style emphasizes the small waist, like the two color suit, it also effectively divides your entire body in half.Follow these simple rules and you should be able to chose a swimsuit that you will allow you to walk self confidently on to any beach in the world.

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