Choosing The Best Paper Towel Holder: Wood, Iron, Magnetic Or Copper?

These useful suggestions and tips will help you decide what type of paper towel holder and kitchen accessories are right for you.

Paper toweling holders come in many shapes and sizes. There are holders that mount under cabinets, and there are holders that are freestanding. The materials they are made of vary just as much as the available styles and varieties. They are made of wood, wrought iron, copper, marble, plastic, stainless steel, and a variety of other materials. The type you choose is of course your decision. You should base that decision on the style of your kitchen or the surrounding décor.

Wooden paper toweling holders go nicely in kitchens with wood grain cabinets. These paper toweling holders often blend in well with wood grain finish, they are usually reasonable in price, and they look as if they were custom made. They are available completely finished, or you can stain and varnish them to match your existing wood grain. Finishing a wooden paper toweling holder and matching accessories is a simple way to begin customizing your kitchen. You can also find other unfinished kitchen items to go with a wooden paper toweling holder such as towel rings and towel bars.

Wrought iron paper toweling holders are a wonderful choice in a kitchen with old-fashioned décor. They are easy to care for and will last forever as long as they are kept clean and dry. There are numerous wrought iron accessories to go with this option. You can find decorative but functional items such as matchstick holders, wrought iron trivets, teakettles, and pans. These paper toweling holders and accessories have a timeless appeal that you aren't likely to get tired of.

Copper is an attractive material for use in the kitchen. It boasts an expensive looking finish, and it can be molded into endless shapes and designs. Copper will become discolored with time, but that only adds to its unique patina. Many decorative items made of copper will compliment a paper toweling holder of this type. Copper kitchen décor is unique as well as beautiful. It's a fantastic choice for use in the kitchen or any room of the house.

Marble paper toweling holders are of course heavy and look quite handsome in the kitchen. Because of their weight they are usually freestanding. Marble can chip and break, but with proper care it can last forever. There are lots of useful kitchen items to accessorize a marble paper toweling holder. There are beautiful marble cutting boards, fruit stands, mortar and pestle sets, bowls, and towel rings. They aren't as expensive as one might think. Look for these items in most discount stores and retail shops that specialize in kitchen items.

When plastic comes to mind, many people think of cheap low quality items that are sure to break. The fact is, some of the most attractive and most durable paper toweling holders are made of plastic. They come in every color of the rainbow, and they are generally quite sturdy. Plastic is easy to clean, and it's lightweight too. Because it is lightweight, a paper toweling holder made of plastic can easily be mounted under a cabinet. This type of paper toweling holder comes in all price ranges, and they can be found at most discount stores and kitchen specialty shops. You'll be surprised at the beautiful paper toweling holders made entirely of plastic.

Stainless steel has become quite popular for appliances and kitchen accessories. If you like the look of stainless steel, consider decorating your kitchen with stainless steel accessories such as paper toweling holders, towel rings, towel bars, and other useful items. They are as beautiful as they are functional. They aren't as expensive as one might think. Stainless steel is a strong material that is a fantastic value.

Magnetic paper toweling holders are useful when space is limited. They can easily be mounted on the side of a refrigerator or metal cabinet. Choose a magnetic paper toweling holder carefully. Many sold don't have magnets strong enough to hold a large roll of paper toweling.

Whatever material you choose for your paper toweling holder and other kitchen accessories, keep in mind that they should be placed or mounted away from any appliance that generates heat or flame. Never mount a paper toweling holder near a stove, toaster oven, or pop-up style toaster. Place it in an area that makes it easily and safely accessible to children as well as adults.

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