Choosing The Right Barrettes For A Casual Hairstyle

Casual hairstyles sound easy, but choosing the right accessories for your hair can determine whether your look is informal or just unkempt.

Over the years, you have probably amassed an impressive collection of hair barrettes, ranging from bold, plastic baby-doll clasps to pearl-encrusted clips.With such a large variety of styles to choose from the importance of selecting the appropriate barrette to match your hairstyle is important.No one wants to go out for a casual brunch with friends looking over-dressed and out of place.Casual hairstyles sound easy, but it is often difficult to find a balance between unfussy and frumpy.Choosing the right barrette for a casual hairstyle can help keep your appearance fun, classy, and low-maintenance without looking too laid back.

The ponytail is probably the epitome of casual hair; simple yet elegant, carefree yet precise, the ponytail lends itself to a multitude of occasions.There is a fine line between a sleek-chic, casual day ponytail and a tangled, messy, day-at-the-gym ponytail.The desired look should be smooth and shiny, with hair neatly secured with a simple barrette or elastic.Whether you choose to wear a high or low ponytail, select a barrette that is uncomplicated and straightforward, such as one that is a solid color or a simple shape.Elastics are another good choice, since they won't appear too dressy and don't distract from a simple hairstyle.When choosing elastic holders, always use those that are covered and slightly thicker than a regular rubber band in order to prevent hair breakage.Avoid bulky hair scrunchies.These types of hair fasteners are too large to maintain a graceful appearance and tend to appear too casual and unsophisticated.

Another casual hairstyle is to wear the hair loose with just a small section pinned back from the face.This hairstyle is great for days when you want to wear your hair down but don't want loose strands falling into your eyes.A wide range of barrettes can be selected for this style, but it is important to keep the barrettes small and simple.A large clip that close to the face would be very distracting and unflattering.One option is to take two or three bobby pins and secure the hair by placing the pins in an even row.This style looks both fun and casual, but maintains a polished and elegant look.Plain bobby pins looks great, but a wide variety of decorative pins are now available and can add a little extra zing to a casual hairstyle.While still keeping the piece simple, choose pins that are colored, wrapped in ribbon, or coated with decorative beads.

Braids are another excellent casual hairstyle that can be improved with the addition of the right barrette.Whether the braid is simple or complex, the goal is to select barrettes don't distract from the rest of your look.Braids should be secured with small elastic bands, but don't be afraid to choose fun colors to accent your hair.Pony beads are often a creative way to decorate braided hair, but be cautious to only use a few and limit your selection to only a few colors.Wearing many of these beads in many colors with add to much weight and confusion to your look.In addition to these choices, you may want to try adding a few colored rhinestone magnets or a few small butterfly clips to dress up braided hair while still keeping it casual.Casual hairstyles need not be boring, and choosing the right barrettes to accessorize your hair will create the right balance between informal and dressed up.

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