Choosing The Right Barrettes For A Sporty Hairstyle

While creating a sporty hairstlye might seem simple, it is important to wear the appropriate barrettes and clips to ensure that the style remains simple and unfussy.

Whether you're playing softball or just want to look like a weekend athlete, sporty hairstyles can be a functional and fun way to wear your hair.Such styles can be a refreshing alternative to a girly, romantic look, or could even be paired with more feminized clothing in order to keep your look fresh.An active look can be destroyed, however, if the correct hair accessories are not chosen to complement the style.Just think of how a funky, sporty up-do would be ruined if you chose to dress it up with your grandmother's antique crystal hairpins.Such a choice would transform a sporty hairstyle into something more suitable for an evening dinner-date.

When you think of a sporty hairstyle, what comes to mind?Ponytails and braids might be the obvious choices, but there area wide variety of hairstyles that are appropriate for various lengths of hair that look fun and sporty.Women with short hair may choose to slick their hair back, or may consider braiding several small braids throughout their hair.Think of the short cut Halle Berry sported for many years, or of Entourage's Samaire Armstrong's shaggy coif. While short, these styles are very versatile and can go from soft and feminine to sporty and funky with the right accessories.For women with medium-length or long hair, ponytails are an excellent choice, but other options may include funky twists, multi-tiered braids, or cute side ponytails. The sleek, simple ponytail often seen on Alias's Jennifer Garner is a good example of a sporty hairstyle for women with longer hair.If you're looking for more hairstyle ideas, start observing the coifs of your favorite television stars.These stars may have professional stylists orchestrating their looks, but you can easily recreate such styles at home.

When select hair accessories to complement a sporty hairstyle, watch for those with smooth, clean lines and a distinctive appearance.Look for barrettes and clips that have unique, interesting shapes and bold colors.Remember those girly, plastic barrettes you used to wear in elementary school?Such retro-cool barrettes can add an element of edginess to your look.Chunky, metallic clips can add a sophisticated appearance to a sporty hairstyle.

Other types of jewelry can also be fashioned into hair accessories.Wrapping seed bead bracelets around a plain elastic band can spice a ponytail.Have a crafty streak?Try crocheting a simple band to hold the hair in order to add a bohemian edge to your sporty hairstyle.Strips of fabric with bold, interesting patterns can also be used to tie hair up, or can be wrapped around the head to make a quick headband.

There are some accessories that should be avoided.Bulky hair scrunchies are both frumpy and unfashionable and should be avoided for all hairstyles.While delicate butterfly clips look cute, they should be avoid if you are trying to attain an athletic look.Other barrettes to avoid include those decorated with pearls, sequins, or crystals, which will look too glitzy for a sporty hairstyle.

The best advice when creating a sporty hairdo is to keep it simple and be careful not to over-accessorize.Choose one barrette or clip and avoid looking like you spent hours styling your hair.The appeal of a sporty look lies in its ease and simplicity.

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