Choosing The Right Shower Curtain Rod

When shopping for the right shower curtain rod, keep a few design principles in mind, and don't hesitate to take a decor sample with you.

So, you have decided to revamp your bathroom by remodeling it. If you're looking for the right shower curtain rod, you'll want one one matches your bathroom's decor, because your bathroom will look best when all aspects of decor are in sync. It can be difficult to find a shower curtain rod that is visually pleasing, but doesn't stand out so much that it draws too much attention from the rest of the bathroom. By choosing the right shower curtain, you can give your bathroom's decor a fluid, harmonious look!

To select a color for your shower curtain rod, examine your bathroom decor, and choose the dominant color, or a small color accent. Remember that the shower curtain rod that you select should not clash with your shower curtain.

If you can, go to one of the larger home improvement stores. They have a wide selection of shower curtain rods.

It can be very helpful to take a sample of your bathroom decor shopping with you when you go out to look for a shower curtain rod. This sample can be anything: your shower curtain, a hand towel, or a swatch of paint. Match your shower curtain with these. It's easy tofind something powder blue, for example, but have you ever brought that powder blue something home, and found that the two blues just didn't match? If you have a sample with you, you won't have be unsure about this.

Choose a rod that is subtle enough to blend into your decor. If it looks too bright, or "loud", it will probably stand out too much. Take a look at the intensity of all of your bathroom's decor. You'll want to choose a rod that either matches that intensity, or almost matches it.

Plastic shower curtain rods have a certain shininess, so make sure that that shininess doesn't clash with the shower curtain. A shower curtain with a matte texture may look awkward with a shiny, reflective shower curtain rod.

If you want to buy a metal shower curtain rod, you have two major design aspects to consider: the type of metal, and the texture of the metal.

A steel rod will work best with a cool color scheme. Blue, blue-violet, green, white, and black are examples of cool colors. A brass rod will work well with medium-warm tones, like brown, tan, beige, and mild red. A copper rod will look best with very warn tones, like deep red, and reddish brown. Copper also looks great with dark blue-greens, and deep berry tones.

You can find metal curtain rods in different degrees of shine and reflectiveness. Chrome, bright chrome, brushed steel, and matte are popular finishes. There are different variations of these. If you have metal fixtures or other metal elements in your bathroom, try to match the shower curtain rod to these other metal pieces of decor.

If you choose a metal rod that is painted, keep in mind that in terms of shine and reflectiveness, a painted metal rod will have a darker, deeper finish than a plastic rod that is painted the same color.

If you consider a few basic color and surface principles, it will be easier to select a shower curtain rod. Think "color harmony", and don't hesitate to take a sample of your bathroom's decor with you when you go shopping!

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