Choosing The Right Skirt Length For Your Age And Body Type

A quick reference guide to choosing the right skirt length for your age and body type.

Hemlines go up and down with each season, according to the whims of fashion designers, but choosing the right hemline for your body is important no matter what the current style might be. Different body types are suited to different styles of skirt, and even though you may be dying to wear that new ruffled mini or knee length pencil skirt, whether or not it will work on you depends on what you are personally suited for. Finding the right skirt length for your age and body type is an important element of looking your best.

Here is a guide to choosing skirt length - no matter what your body type; there is a skirt that looks best on you. This guide will help you choose. There are a few common body types, and it's easy to figure out which category you fall into by identifying some of your body's main features - bust size, height, weight, and your general measurements.

The straight, or boyish frame: is your body pretty straight up and down? Are your bust, waist, and hip measurements all similar? If you fall into this category, you probably want a skirt that will help create some curves. Your best bets are skirts with structure - A-Line or knife pleat skirts, poofy skirts with tulle or netting in them, or flowy skirts made of substantial fabric. If you're tall, a tiered (perhaps ruffled) skirt would work nicely, as would a floor length skirt of any material.

The curvy, or hourglass frame: if you've got an ample chest and a defined waist with rounded hips and something of a bottom, you probably fit this category. Women with hourglass frames are often of a petite height, so the last thing you would want would be a skirt that is going to overpower your small frame. Stay away from floor length skirts, shapeless or drawstring skirts, and skirts made of materials like crushed velvet. Also steer clear of anything cut at the calf. This cut does nothing for petite women, as it makes the legs seem much shorter than they really are. You want a skirt that will accentuate your curves and give a nice shape while drawing attention away from anything you don't like about your hips and thighs. A slightly flared A-line skirt, cut at the knee or just above, will diminish your behind, even out your frame, and leave just enough leg showing.

The pear shaped frame: is your top small, while your bottom is larger than you might like? You might need to plan your entire outfit around de-accentuating your rear. This is easily accomplished by keeping in mind that darker colors on the bottom are minimizing, and are nicely balanced by a light colored top. A smooth, tailored skirt will do the minimizing trick nicely. You will also want to stay away from large prints, and big pleats.

The full curve, larger woman: do you have a fully rounded body with a less defined waist? Your body type does have many options that never have to include the shapeless muu-muu styles that make you look like somebody's grandma. Try to avoid shapeless, baggy skirts and drawstring waists whenever possible. Pleats, also, will only add to a bulky look. Prints, especially big prints, can emphasize things you might not be too pleased with. Darker colors, such as black, blue, and deep purple, are slimming as well. To create a nice profile, try a flared a-line skirt, cut at or just below the knee, or a long tailored skirt of a heavy material, with two darts at the waist to help keep your stomach in check.

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