Choosing The Right Wedding Dress

Learn how to choose the right wedding dress for your personality and body shape.

Many of us have our entire wedding planned out before we're 10. Some of us are spur of the moment and have no idea what our perfect wedding would entail. For most of us, it all boils down to a great dress. On the day that you say "I do", you want to look like a fairytale princess, have all the attention on you and feel just well"¦beautiful. Learn how to choose the right wedding dress for your personality"¦and one that your husband-to-be would love.

Just You

On your wedding day, you're the star. Of course you want to look like it, all while feeling comfortable in your own skin and of course your dress. When dress shopping, look for dresses that fit your personality and style. Here's a run through of some of the most famous"¦

Old World Charm: Go for a vintage dress or vintage look. Look for vintage details such as lace or the famous empire waistline or draped fabric. Your personality is old school - you love character pieces and things that tell a story.

The Enchantress: Your personality is goddess-like. You love being the center of attention. Look for a little drama in your gown.

The Prom Queen: Right out of the 50's. Your personality is spunky and fun. You love the shorter accentuated skirt. It's glamorous without being over the top.

Glamour Girl: Look for silks or dresses with a long train. Look for silhouettes that are sleek and body skimming. Your personality is movie star-esque with red carpet flair.

Unique: Look for an off color, such as light gold. You could even get away with pale blue or other pale shades of any color you love. There are no rules that say you have to wear white on your wedding day. Instead of the run-of-the-mill accessories, try an exotic necklace from India. As long as it fits your personality, it's ok to be unique on your big day. And, your guests will never forget how different and beautiful you looked.

Make it Fit

Whatever dress you choose, be sure that it fits your perfectly. The great thing about buying off the rack is that you can take it in to get altered so it skims your curves in all of the right places. You will be comfortable will all eyes on you if your dress fits properly.

The Right Accessories

After you have chosen the right dress with the right personality, the right jewelry follows. Be sure that it fits the theme of the dress and compliments it. Never let your jewelry over power your dress or you. When looking for shoes, make sure you find ones that are stylish and comfortable. Many brides even get another pair to wear to the reception - ballet flats would be perfect and comfortable to dance the night away in.

Just remember, it's your day to shine. Find that dress that fits you and your personality and it will get your wedding day and married life off to a great start.

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