Choosing The Sex Of Your Baby

It is possible to choose the sex of your baby before you conceive. It has been done by many couples and has a 75% or more success rate. Learn how.

So you are thinking about having a baby. You want to have a boy first. Or maybe you already have two boys and now you want a girl. This article will tell you how to greatly

increase your chances of having the baby you want. Here is a clue.... It is all in the timing.

It is possible to choose the sex of your baby before you conceive. It has been done by many couples and has a 75% or more success rate. When we conceive we have a 50 percent chance of having either a boy or a girl. While using this method you can increase your chances of conceiving your choice of sex by at least 25% more. This method of "sex selection" has been used for 100s of years.

To understand how to select the sex of your baby you need to understand how nature selects the sex. Male semen carries the sperm cells that determine the sex of the fetus. There is only one chromosome in each of the sperm; an X chromosome for a girl and a Y chromosome for a boy. The woman carries ovums or eggs in her ovaries, each of these eggs has only the X chromosome. If the sperm is carrying an X chromosome and it is combined with the X in the egg, the fetus will be a (XX) or girl. If the sperm is carrying a Y chromosome and it is combined with the X in the egg, then the fetus will be a (XY) or boy.

Females usually only release one egg each month and it is available for fertilization for only about 2 days. Males release millions of sperm each time they ejaculate and only one of them will get to fertilize the egg. Most of those million sperm die on their trek through the cervix and up the fallopian tubes looking for an egg. Only about a thousand sperm cells will actually make it to the egg. The fastest sperm will make it up the fallopian tube first and if the egg hasn't been released yet then their journey could be futile. Some of the sperm can live for as many as 4 days waiting to pounce on the egg when it appears. The egg has a tough outer shell that the sperm have to beat and whip until they enter the egg. Only one sperm will be allowed to enter. If it is an X sperm the baby will be a girl. If it is a Y sperm the baby will be a boy.

Now for the method of sex selection.

The Y sperms and the X sperms are different in several ways. It was discovered in 1960 that Y sperms are smaller then the X sperms, and this makes studying them under a microscope easier. It was also found that in one ejaculation there were more of the smaller Y sperms than the X sperms. Remember, the Y sperm will make a boy baby when combined with the egg. It makes sense that there are more Y sperms because historically there has always been more boys born than girls. For every 100 females born there are 110 males born. It was also discovered that the Y sperms (male) could move faster than the X (female) sperm. But the X (female) sperm can survive longer waiting.

This is where the timing of when to have sex is important. If you have sex right at or near the time the egg is released (ovulation), then the Y sperm will make it to the egg quickly and you will most likely have a boy. If the sperm are released two or three days prior to when the egg is released the Y sperm will die off and there will be more X sperm left waiting for the egg to appear and fertilization will most likely produce a girl. Again, the Y sperm are faster, but die off more quickly. The X sperm are stronger and can live longer.

You will need to discover what time of month you release an egg by getting an ovulation predictor kit at the store. Then, you will have to time intercourse to get the best results you want. Having sex a few days earlier than ovulation is expected to get a girl, or having sex right at ovulation will get a boy. This method is not fail proof. It only increases your chances of getting the sex of baby you want by 25 percent more. It has worked for many couples and it is worth a try!

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