Choosing Styles And Clothing To Look Slimmer

Follow these helpful tips and ideas for looking slimmer. Included are suggestions for clothing styles and colors to make you look thin and beautiful.

Bologna may be the same no matter which way you slice it, but that little saying isn't true for the human figure. You can appear to be slimmer while wearing certain styles, colors, and types of clothing. You can easily look ten to twenty pounds lighter if you know the secrets to looking slimmer.

Get rid of clothing with horizontal stripes. Even the slimmest person will look portly in outfits bearing horizontal patterns and stripes. If you prefer clothing with patterns and stripes, make sure they run vertically. They will give the body a taller and slimmer appearance. Illusion is the main key to looking thinner.

Speaking of patterns, avoid clothing with large patterns. For some reason clothing designers create plus size fashions with large patterns. These patterns are usually large flower blossoms and geometric shapes. They often look garish and tawdry. Even if you wear plus sizes, don't go for these unflattering fashions. If you like flowers and geometric shapes, look for clothing with smaller designs. Large gaudy patterns flatter no one.

Darker colors are naturally more slimming. Shop for outfits in darker shades. They hide unwanted bumps and bulges, and darker shades usually make the wearer look considerably thinner than lighter hues would. Wear dark colors with vertical patterns and stripes and you'll magically shed unwanted inches.

Don't wear clothing that's two sizes or more too large. You might think you're covering up extra weight, but you'll only look like you're hiding under yards of material. Most people don't look as overweight as they think they do. Buy well-fitting clothing and you'll actually look smaller. Just don't wear clothing so tight that you look melted and poured in. Wearing clothes that are too tight is not attractive either., especially if you are carrying a few extra pounds.

Just like pictures and films, mirrors add about 10 pounds to the human figure. Store mirrors are usually the least flattering of all mirrors. Standing in a three foot by three foot enclosure right next to a mirror will not give you a clear picture of your appearance. Quite often store mirrors are no better than funhouse mirrors! Shop in stores that have quality three-way mirrors that will enable you to stand back and observe your body from every angle. If you don't, you won't know how you truly look.

There are specially designed swimsuits available that make use of colors and patterns to give the illusion of being thin and trim. They are also make use of elastic material to hold in problem areas. Although effective, they aren't very comfortable for some people. These suits truly do make the body look slimmer, but they are quite expensive. Be prepared to pay approximately $75.00 for a swimsuit of this type.

Those having a tummy bulge should not tuck their shirts in. Instead, chose blouses and tops that reach the center of the bulging area and never tuck them in. This will hide the problem location effectively. Tucking in a top only emphasizes problem areas.

Don't wear blocks of color from head to toe. For example, if you wear a white top, black pants, and white shoes, you are going to appear heavier. Only the thinnest people can get away with wearing opposite colors from top to bottom. Choose colors that coordinate well together but aren't so drastically different.

Choose your clothing carefully, and wear what you choose wisely. No one is perfect, but you can look your very best if you wear clothes that naturally compliment your appearance by making you look slim and trim.

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