Choosing A Toddler Easter Dress

Here are some tips and ideas for choosing an Easter dress for your toddler or little girl.

Dressing your kids up for holidays can be a lot of fun. If you have a toddler girl, you can have a great time choosing the perfect Easter dress for her. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing an Easter dress for a toddler girl:

-- Shop around. Don't buy the first thing you see. Little girl's dresses are so adorable that you may be tempted to snatch up the first cute one you come across. Don't! You will be guaranteed to come across ten more cute ones on your way out of the mall. Instead, do a quick walk through to check out the dresses that the various department stores and boutiques have to offer. Then go back and purchase your favorite one.

-- Consider the child. If your toddler girl acts more like a bull in a china shop than a dainty china doll, you may want to forgo dresses with frills, ruffles or delicate tulle. Chances are your wild child won't get through Easter morning without ripping a frilly dress. Also, if you are planning an outdoor Easter egg hunt, take into account that your little girl's dress may get dirty or muddy-- it may even become chocolate-covered by days end. Choose machine washable fabrics to make clean up easier and to help preserve the dress.

-- Consider the weather in your area. Many Easter dresses are sleeveless, yet the weather on Easter Sunday can be unpredictable at best. You don't have to rule out that lovely sleeveless dress-- just buy a pretty white sweater to throw over your little girl's shoulders in case it's chilly.

-- Pick a color, any color. If you're planning to have your child's Easter portraits taken, keep in mind that solid fabrics photograph better than fabrics with a print or design on them. Consider the types of portrait you are getting done--if you know you want a white background for your Easter portraits, and then avoid buying a white dress. Light blue, pink or pale green will photograph much better.

-- For younger toddlers, avoid dresses that are adorned with embellishments such as sequins or beading. The pieces may come loose and become a choking hazard.

-- If you're looking for a good deal, check out online auction sites. Easter dresses are usually only worn one time, so you can find some beautiful dresses in pristine condition for sale on online auction sites. Make sure that the seller has a reputable reputation and a positive feedback score. Also, make sure to e-mail the seller with any questions before you place your bid. You can also check discount retailers for brand name dresses at a fraction of the original cost. You may just be able to find the perfect dress at a bargain basement price!

Other tips:

-- If your toddler is not yet potty trained, look for dresses that come with matching bloomers or diaper covers. Nothing is more of an eyesore than an exposed diaper under an otherwise gorgeous dress.

--Don't forget the accessories. Shop around for a matching purse, tights, shoes and jewelry. And don't forget the Easter bonnet!

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