Choosing A Toddler Swimsuit

How to measure and purchase a swimsuit for you toddler.

It's that time of year again to start thinking about breaking out the beach balls, beach towels, sunscreen and bathing suits. Then you admit your little one is not a baby anymore but a toddler. A new swimsuit is now needed. So you need to get the correct size.

To measure their height, have your child stand in stocking feet. Put heir feet together and have them stand with their back against the wall. Measure from the floor to the top of their head.

To get the chest measurement, measure around the fullest part of their chest. Make sure the tape measure is under the arms and around the shoulder blades.

For the waist measurement, measure around the waist where the pants are normally worn. Do not measure over clothes.

To get the most accurate measurement of the hip, measure around the fullest part or the hips and buttocks. If the child is wearing diapers, measure around the fullest part with the diapers on.

Torso measurement. This is very important for swimsuits. Run the measuring tape from the center of the child's shoulders at the neck down the chest through the center of the crotch and back up the back, to the starting point (except you will be at the back of the neck).

Standard size and measurement.


3 months 6 months l2 months 24months


21-24 in. 24-27 in. 27-31 in. 32-37 ½in


8-13 # 13-17 # 17-23 # 24-32 #


2T 4T 6


37 ½ in. 44 ½ in. 48 ½ in.


32 # 42 # 54#


21 ½ in. 23 ½ in. 25 ½ in.


20 ½ in. 21 ½ in 22 ½ in.


23 in. 24 in. 26 in.

Once you have decided what size you need, then you must decide on the style. Do you want a 2 piece or a on -piece suit. Things to take into consideration;it is cute but is it practical? What price range are you looking for? You might want to avoid things that tie because when wet they are hard to untie. Bikini's are cute but the tops ride up and usually have ties. One piece swimsuits are the most popular. Also, you may want to choose a suit that has a skirt on it if you child is very chubby. A suit that has a design on the top will also draw the eyes upward.

Include your child in making the decision. Consider what the child's favorite color is, do they have a favorite character, and let her/him see the different styles. Pick only a few so the choice is not over whelming to them.

Another thought before you purchase the swimsuit is that you might want to get one that has a flotation device built in. Through experience these work. Some have a foam type pads built in, others have blow up pads you can put in and take out. I have seen some that have a ring built in too.

All these ideas should help you decide the correct suit to purchase. Look at the catalogs and store flyers before you get to the store it will give you an idea as to what is on the market today.

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