Chosing The Right Barrettes For A Formal Hairstyle

When dressing for a formal occasion, it is important to select hair accessories that match both the occasion and the rest of your attire.

When preparing for a formal occasion, the emphasis is often placed on wardrobe.While selecting the perfect dress and shoe combination is important, choosing the right accessories for your hair is an essential factor as well.That little black dress might be a showstopper, but imagine how it would look topped off with a messy chignon affixed with multi-colored, plastic butterfly clips.A formal dress deserves a hairstyle that matches its elegance and grace, and the barrettes and clips chosen to accessorize can either make or break the look.

Formal hairstyles can vary widely, depending on the event in question.Simple, sleek up do's are a popular choice for women attending weddings, office parties, or community events.Prom hairstyles are often more elaborate and trendy.The selection of barrettes and clips available to accessorize these styles are also highly varied.A woman needs to consider both the purpose of the event, the message she wants to convey with her appearance, and how the barrette looks with the rest of her chosen wardrobe.

For black-tie events, it is best to keep accessories graceful and dignified.Avoid barrettes that look casual, opting for those that more closely resemble fine jewelry.There are many hair clips that feature such things as pearls, gold, and diamonds in their design.Those looking for a more budget-friendly option can select similar styles made from imitation pearls, metallic finishes, and faux-diamonds.Department stores such as Dillard's and Macy's carry numerous styles that are very affordable, and smaller stores like Claire's and Icing offer very inexpensive options.These pieces look very similar to the real thing and provide that extra touch of glamour needed for a formal event.

Another key consideration is how the barrette impacts the overall look.If you plan to wear a very flashy necklace, it is best to keep other accessories minimal, including hair clips.Also, consideration must be taken to ensure that all of your accessories complement the others.For example, if your necklace is gold in color, your other accessories should also be gold.Occasionally, silver and gold items can be mixed, but the resulting look can appear cluttered and mismatched, so only those with a keen eye for design should attempt such groupings.

If the event is a little more casual, such as an afternoon wedding, avoid wearing clips that may appear too ostentatious.At such events, it is permissible to wear simpler accessories so long as they match your clothing and the mood of the occasion.If, for example, you are attending an outdoor wedding and your chosen dress is bright and floral, wearing a few simple butterfly clips to accentuate soft, romantic curls would be acceptable.For other events, such as a christening or anniversary party, it is best to keep accessories simple and respectful.

Barrettes and clips for prom hairstyles offer the widest selection, although it is again important to consider the message being conveyed by your look.For young women seeking to achieve a very elegant and classic style, barrettes similar to those used at black-tie events should be selected.Those looking for an edgier look can select from clips featuring patent leather, rhinestones, or wood accents.For those who prefer a very feminine look, delicate barrettes featuring faux-flowers or butterflies can make romantic hairstyles stand out.

No matter what type of event you are attending, there are a plethora of barrettes and clips available that will complement your look.When looking for the right accessory, remember to consider the type of occasion, what you are trying to convey with your wardrobe choice, and how the barrette will complement the rest of your attire.With these guidelines in mind, choosing the right barrette will be a less complicated task.

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