Chris Ledoux: Lyric & Country Music Star

Chris LeDoux, from lyric writer & country music star to rodeo cowboy, he has done it all. A hat act with a real cowboy under the brim.

From bareback to hat act, Country Music superstar Chris LeDoux has done it all, and amazingly enough, lived to tell it all.

Chris' first "claim to fame" was winning the World Champion Little Britches Bareback Rider title in 1964. From there he went on to compete in other rodeos throughout his high school and college years, and eventually won the World Title in Barebacks.

It wasn't easy, though. He suffered torn ligaments in his knee, had his collarbone broken, and numerous other injuries. By the time he won the World Title, he was so battered and bruised that it took almost an hour to tape up his shoulder to avoid further injuries.

Along the way, Chris got married, started a family and began his venture into the music industry, since his other talents where singing and playing the guitar. Chris wrote and sang about what he knew: the rodeo life, and was encouraged to record some of his songs.

Before long, Chris found himself selling his own tapes out of his rigging bag; tapes that Chris' family had recorded and copied at home. This was the beginning of American Cowboy Songs, Inc. Chris went on to record several other records, gained many fans and was even invited to sing at the National Finals Rodeo in 1975.

Chris got his big break when a newcomer to Country Music, Garth Brooks, sang a song that mentioned "a worn out tape of Chris LeDoux." Garth's fans wanted to know who Chris LeDoux was and this led many new fans Chris' way.

Eventually, Chris signed a record deal with Capitol Records, and now travels the country in a tour bus. But, he still sings about what he knows best. Rodeos, cowboys, and the life most people only dream of. Thanks to Chris, the rest of us can share that life through his music.

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