Christmas Cards: Ways To Store Or Re-Use Them

Have tons of Christmas cards stored away? Here are some ideas on how to store or reuse your old Christmas cards.

Every Christmas, our mailboxes start to bust at the seams from all of the Christmas cards we are sent by family and friends. We hang them up or place them on our mantle so that we are reminded of those who are thinking of us during the holiday season. Once Christmas is over, however, what do most people do with those cards? Some people simply choose to throw them all away, while others package them in a Christmas box and forget about them until years later, when they wonder why they kept those cards in the first place. If you would like to store or reuse these cards, but have no idea where to begin, here are some ideas you may want to use.

If you love to keep everything you receive and want to store the Christmas cards, why not scrapbook them with your Christmas pictures. The best way to do this, while also saving valuable room in your scrapbook, is to go through each Christmas card and crop them as you would a normal photograph. For example, if you have a Christmas card with a manger scene on the front, crop all of the excess borders of the card and keep only the main scene. Do the same with the inscription inside the card. Now you have a condensed version of the card to post in your scrapbook, which will look nice and save room. Or you can create a Christmas card montage or collage for the year. Devote one or two full pages of your scrapbook to your Christmas cards. Cut out the main pictures from each card, as well as the inscription and create a collage layout of your cards. This will create a wonderful effect and will give you an innovative way to store your Christmas cards each year.

Another idea for storing your cards is to simply buy a Christmas-themed photograph box. You can use the labels provided to sort the Christmas cards by year. The photograph box will neatly fit your Christmas cards and keep them separate from your other Christmas decorations and memorabilia.

Perhaps you find yourself throwing away your Christmas cards a week after Christmas, or maybe you pack them up and then throw them away a few years later. If you are like this, why not find simple ways to reuse your Christmas cards? Once Christmas is over and you are beginning to take down all of your decorations, pile up your Christmas cards and go through the stack, cutting out the nice Christmas pictures to use as gift tags for next Christmas. For example, perhaps you received a Christmas card from your Aunt Dora that has a large picture of Santa Claus on the front. Cut out the Santa Claus from the card. If there is no writing on the back of the picture, then you have yourself an instant gift tag. Simply punch a hole on the top of the picture, tie some ribbon or raffia through the hole and wrap it around your Christmas gifts next year. If there happens to be writing behind the picture, glue some card stock to the back of the picture before you cut it out, so you have an empty space to write out your "to" and "from" messages.

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