Christmas Costume Ball: Costumes For Men And Women

Many communities offer a Christmas Costume Ball each year at holiday time. If this event is on your calendar, costuming suggestions may come in handy.

The holidays, by their very nature, offer lots of wonderful opportunities to socialize. Weekends in December are filled with Christmas parties, dances, social gatherings and carol sings. Many groups and communities offer a Christmas Costume Ball each year, filled with men and women in holiday dress. If such an event is on your calendar this year, you'll probably be looking for costuming ideas. Since a costume ball requires more sophisticated outfitting than a simple Christmas party, most will rent their costume of choice at a local costume shop. All of those listed here should be available in most, if not all, such stores.

There are quite a few Christmas characters that are suitable for a formal ball - specifically in roles which are filled by the male gender. While some of the Santa-type characters are fairly similar, those listed here are unique.


- Shepherd

- Joseph (foster father of Jesus)

- Father Christmas

- St. Nicholas

- Ebenezer Scrooge

- Ghost of Christmas Past (A Christmas Carol)

- Ghost of Christmas Present (A Christmas Carol)

- Old Time Christmas Caroler

- Balthazar (Wise Man #1)

- Gaspar (Wise Man #2)

- Melchior (Wise Man #3)

- The Angel Gabriel (Annunciation)

- Jack Frost

- Toy Soldier

- Bob Cratchit (A Christmas Carol)

There are fewer unique options for women's costuming in regard to a Christmas Ball, since there are, traditionally, more men's roles that were highlighted during the holiday season through the centuries. As a result, the ladies of the group may need to venture into something a bit more generic - or simply the female version of one of the more versatile men's roles - when choosing a costume.


- The Blessed Mother (Mary, Mother of Jesus)

- Mother Christmas

- Mrs. Fezziwig (A Christmas Carol)

- Old Time Christmas Caroler

- Ghost of Christmas Past (Female Version)

- Ghost of Christmas Present (Female Version)

- Mrs. Cratchit (A Christmas Carol)

- Snow Queen

- Santa Lucia

- Christmas Angel

- Victorian Christmas Skater (with fur-trimmed cape and muff)

- Sugar Plum Princess

- Mrs. Claus

- Dickensian Lady (A Christmas Carol)

- Shepherdess

For those who will be attending a Christmas Ball as a couple, there are a variety of holiday themed outfits, as well. As with individual costumes, there will be variations from one costume shop to another, but these should all be in stock, in at least most of them.


- Victorian Santa & Mrs. Claus

- Father and Mother Christmas

- Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present (male and female versions are available)

- Old Time Christmas Carolers

- Joseph and Mary

- The Angel Gabriel and Mary

- Mr. & Mrs. Cratchit (A Christmas Carol)

- Clara and the Nutcracker

- Dickensian Man and Woman (a Christmas Carol)

- Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig (A Christmas Carol)

- Snow King and Queen

- Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frost

- Ice Prince and Princess

- Biblical Townspeople

- Georgian Christmas Couple

The manufacture of costumes will be much less difficult - and less costly - for those who are fortunate enough to be either a seamstress or tailor. Should that be the case, you can custom design your own Christmas themed outfit, whether it's for an individual or a couple.

Detailed pictures of these holiday costumes can be found through internet searches, but please note that there are numerous versions of each costume style. Since a Christmas Costume Ball is formal, you may be better off locating a costume shop in your area. This will give you the opportunity to actually handle the costume rather than satisfying yourself with a simple screen image. The other benefit of the costume shop is that, if the costume that you're interested in is unavailable, staff members will be able to offer a number of alternatives within the same theme.

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