Christmas Gift Crafts For Everyone On Your List

Christmas gift crafts for everyone on your list. Crafts are a great way to say seasons greetings this holiday season. There are many craft projects that will personal this gift giving season.

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to say Merry Christmas than with hand made gifts. Crafting has become very popular over the last several years, making the gift giving season more personal. Gift ideas are endless and can be tailored to each individual's style and character.

In today's crafting industry, there are many ways a picture can say a thousand words. High tech equipment on the market, such as scanners and digital cameras, and the different formats you can have your pictures "developed in" makes personalizing gifts easy and fun. After scanning a picture onto your computer or importing one into your computer via a disk or cd you are able to print the picture onto photo transfer paper. The photo can then be put onto a sweatshirt (white is best) by using an iron and following the instructions included with the transfer paper. You could even embellish the shirt further by using fabric safe paints and writing something like "Grandma's Angels" or "Pop-Pop's Pride" under the picture. What grandparent doesn't enjoy getting pictures of their grand kids? Many other items can be personalized using iron on transfers. If you are handy with a needle and know how to quilt, a memory quilt may be just the right gift for someone on your Christmas list. You could pick the photos that mean something special to your loved one and make it into a memory that will last a lifetime and that they will treasure always.

There is a multitude of things you can do with the pictures that are stuffed away in an old shoe box in your attic. Pictures tell the story and heritage of your family. Memory books are very popular now a days. There is a large assortment of paper to use as background pages ranging from generic to themes for each holiday, as well as pages that include many popular cartoon characters. To dress up those pages there is an variety of things you can do. Rubber stamping and die-cuts are a great way to add a special touch to your memory pages. Special pens that don't bleed allow you to write a little story that goes with each page or simply write in names, dates, and events to describe the picture. Taking old, black and white photos of lost loved ones and putting them into a beautiful memory page is indeed a great way to honor that persons life. For those receiving it, they will be adorned with a gift that is in fact, a great memory.

Aside from picture oriented gifts, there are a lot of other crafty gift ideas. Depending upon what type of craft you like to do, there are numerous options. For those bookworms in your life, how about bookends and a book marker made out of plastic canvas and stitched in colors and designs that fit their style. Plastic canvas is a fun craft that is easy to learn and enjoyable to do. There are books on the market that have patterns for you to follow and there are kits with everything you need included to stitch your way to a finished gift.

Baskets are another great way to personalize gifts. Local craft shops, thrift shops, and flea markets are terrific places to find nice baskets. You could make a basket of relaxation by adding your own bath soaps, that can be handmade or even homemade candles, which are also a great craft project. Throw in some bubble bath and you have a terrific personalized gift. Cookie recipes in a jar are a big rage now. All you need is a mason jar. You put in the dry ingredients for, lets say, chocolate chip cookies, add a nice piece of material under the lid, close it, attach the recipe and you have a great gift. This is an especially good gift for those bakers in your life. All they have to do is add the liquid ingredients, bake and they have themselves a nice warm batch of cookies. Include this recipe jar in a basket that has some hot chocolate, coffee, or tea packs, a mug and some other items that go with your particular theme. Wrap it with plastic or foil wrap, add a bow and you've just personalized a gift for a loved one. You could theme a basket for just about anyone with any interest. The possibilities are endless.

What could be more satisfying than a tin full of chocolates for those on your list who have a sweet tooth. Chocolate molding is another crafty way to say seasons greetings. Most craft stores have a whole section with candies in a wide variety of colors that are great for melting. There are lots of different types of molds for candy and lollipops. And don't forget the pretzels. Chocolate covered pretzels are a nice added touch that is sure to please any chocolate lover.

And speaking of melting. You can make a great gift for the kids on your list by melting down crayons and making them into different shapes. Molds are great for this too. The crayons can be melted down the same way you do chocolate. A double boiler works great. Add a little bit of water and when the crayon is melted into a liquid pour it into your kids favorite character mold, ABC's, or 1,2 ,3 molds. Chill in the refrigerator until firm and presto you have made crayons your kids will love to color with. You could even make large multi colored crayons in the shape of a heart for those beginning artist in your life. Be sure to use separate molds when working with chocolates and crayons.

Making stockings for your kids is a great Christmas craft project. There are a lot of felt and cross stitch stocking kits that are fun to do. Painting is another great venue for crafting. There are a lot of different things you can paint. Tree ornaments are a great choice. At your local craft store, you will find a lot of plaster kits that include easy instructions and everything you need for a nice finished project. If you are a more advanced painter and like to paint bisque, there are many neat Christmas projects, such as nativity scenes or Christmas villages. Today's ceramic industry is big and there are a lot of great Christmas molds to choose from.

Decoupagingâ-¢ is another popular craft. You can personalize a gift for the flower lovers on your list by Decoupagingâ-¢ a terra cotta flower pot. It can be finished by either planting in it a festive Poinsettia or Christmas cactus or by placing a bunch of seed packets and a set of gardening gloves. There are other projects you can do with the art of Decoupagingâ-¢. If this interests you, visit your local craft store and pick up a book with Decoupagingâ-¢ ideas or search the web using the key work decoupage. Any way you do it, Decoupagingâ-¢ a gift is a wonderful way to say Happy Holidays.

Great Christmas Craft Gift Ideas:

Memory Book Pages

Picture Sweatshirts

Home Videos

Picture Frames

Memory Quilts

Hand Stitched Items

Personalized Gift Baskets

Bath Soaps And Candles

Chocolate Molding

Ceramic Pieces


With their protective and whimsical theme, angels are an especially good pick as a holiday gift. Angels have become increasingly popular over the past several years. And of course, angels are associated with the Christmas holidays. There are a lot of different types of angels you can make, from the fun and whimsical to the more traditional. Aleene's Angels Made Easy is a book put out by Leisure Arts. It has a multitude of projects that are sure to delight everyone on your Christmas list. From a hanging angel wind chime, to angel tree ornaments, to angel note cards, whatever you choose angels are always a big hit.

Another great gift idea that will be treasured is home video transfers. This gift is especially effective if you have family that lives far away. They don't get to see the grand kids growing and doing all those silly day to day things that kids do. They miss their grand daughters ballet recital and their grandson's first little league game. Well, in today's high tech world, they don't have too. If you own a home video camera, share those moments with a loved one by copying the tape. What grandparent wouldn't love opening a gift on Christmas morning and being able to see the grand kids who live so far away, right there in there own living room? It is a gift that is sure to put a smile on the face of those who receive it.

A good place to browse for great crafting ideas is the Internet. Simply by using the search word crafts, you will get thousands of web sites that may interest you. By being more specific, such as typing the word bisque or counted cross stitch, you will localize your search, and will get better results. Whether you like to paint, sew, knit, bake, etc, your local arts and crafts stores furnish you with a variety of choices. Most stores will also carry how-to books or pattern books for many different craft ideas and projects.

Kids love to use their hands and are proud of their accomplishments. Getting the kids involved in holiday craft making is a great way for them to make gifts for those special teachers and school bus drivers that also enrich their lives. It is a nice way for them to say thank you to those special people who watch over them too. Be sure to use safety scissors and other safety precautions when crafting with a child.

Crafting your own gifts is a great way to say Merry Christmas to those special people in your life this holiday season. It is also a way of giving of yourself. By taking the time to craft a gift with your own hands, you are saying thank you and I love you in a special way that will be treasured always.

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