Christmas Tree Decorating Themes: Babies First Christmas Ideas

Great ideas on how to decorate a tree to commemorate baby's first Christmas.

Even though your baby won't remember her first Christmas, you'll want to make it as special as possible. Decorate your Christmas tree with baby items as magical as your little one; this is a great way to show off your devotion to your new addition.

There are several ways to theme your tree in honor of baby. Try one of these fun ideas:

Traditional baby ornaments

Most of the traditional ornament manufacturers make baby themed ornaments. Often, they have the year and "Baby's first Christmas" inscribed on them to help you commemorate the occasion. For a traditional look with a baby theme, alternate strings of white lights with pink lights for a girl or blue for a boy. Collect baby themed ornaments in delicate ceramic, porcelain and silver. Some classic shapes to use for a baby themed tree are:

- Porcelain baby booties

- Silver rattles

- Storks

- Baby spoons

- Baby bottles

- Baby figurines

Purchase a set of pastel wooden alphabet blocks. Use a hot glue gun to attach loops of pink or blue ribbon to each block and hang each from the tree, spacing them evenly. Top this tree with a cherub- faced angel tree topper. Use a plush white tree skirt for a snowy base. Use pastel metallic papers to wrap all of baby's presents.

Baby photo tree

Visit a local craft store and purchase tiny wooden picture frame ornaments. Use craft paint to paint the frames in pastel colors, either an assortment or all in pink or blue. Trim an assortment of baby photos to fit into each frame. Try to represent all of baby's moods in the photos (happy, sleepy, hungry, upset) as well as showing baby with each family member. In later years, it will be extra special to look back and see Baby with Mommy, with Daddy, with Grandma and with Big Brother in these extra special photos. You can use a paint pen to add the year and Baby's name to each ornament.

Wrap lights of any color tightly around the branches of the tree. Purchase tiny teddy bear ornaments in pastel colors to coordinate with the painted frames, and hang them in alternating positions with the framed photos. If pastel bears are not available, purchase beige or brown bears and tie pastel bows around each of their necks.

Booties and bows

Not only can you create an ode to your little one with this tree, but you can reuse all those tiny newborn sized socks. Collect from 12 to 24 baby outgrown baby socks. Fill each sock with fiberfill batting and whipstitch each sock closed to seal the filling inside. Sew a loop of thin satin ribbon in the color of your choice to the top of each sock, to hang it from the tree.

Wrap lights of any color tightly around the branches of the tree. Use wide wired ribbon in the same color theme as the sock loops to tie bows on the branches of the tree. This soft non-breakable tree is especially good if baby is already crawling and likely to grab for the ornaments. Use a bear angel for your tree topper and a soft printed baby blanket as a tree skirt.

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