Christmas Tree Decorating Themes: A White Christmas

By following a few simple guidelines, your entire family will soon be dreaming of a white Christmas with a white-themed tree.

Christmastime is one of the year's most enjoyable times for decorating, and no facet is more important than a beautifully decorated tree. By choosing the right look for your Christmas tree, your entire family will be dreaming of a white Christmas in no time!

Whether your household enjoys the convenience of an artificial Christmas tree or the wonderful aroma of a live one, you can create the look of a snow-white winter wonderland in your very own home by following a few simple tips.

Make the selection of your Christmas tree a family affair. When going artificial, invite the entire family along to browse the array of styles found in department, discount, and home improvement stores. If you prefer a live tree, visit a tree farm together and tag a pine, spruce, or other variety that is to everyone's liking.

No matter what type of tree is chosen, a tree stand will be the next necessary purchase. (Many artificial trees include a stand in the purchase price - be sure to check!) A stand with an adjustable base is the best option, as it can be used year after year regardless of the width of your Christmas tree.

After erecting the tree in its special spot in your home, start by stringing the entire tree with white Christmas tree lights. These can be purchased at most supermarkets, home improvement, and discount stores. It is usually best to begin stringing at the top of the tree, as this will put electrical sockets toward the tree's base and make the lights easier to plug in. Wrap the entire length in a circular motion around the tree, spacing the lights evenly from top to bottom. More than one strand may be necessary to complete the task.

Once the lights have been strung, it is time to add adornments such as ornaments and tinsel. Choose ornaments in white or silver only, incorporating a mix of glass balls, glass icicles, and novelty ornaments in the shape of snowflakes. You can also make your own paper snowflake ornaments by folding a white sheet of paper in half several times and cutting out shapes at various angles with scissors. Unfold the paper to reveal a unique snowflake design each and every time. For a little added sparkle, apply glue to the paper snowflake's surface and sprinkle iridescent or silver glitter across it.

Other ornaments that will add to your white theme might be snowmen, angels, bells, or white birds.

Spreading silver or iridescent tinsel strands around your Christmas tree will add an amazing glistening effect. Available at most discount and grocery stores, tinsel should be hung evenly and in single strands. Avoid clumping strands together, as this will subtract from the overall result. Spreading a little cotton or artificial snow throughout the branches of your tree will also enhance the wintry effect.

Around the base of your tree stand, spread a white or silver Christmas tree skirt, or place bundles of artificial snow or cotton down as though to represent snow drifts.

Finally, top off your white-themed Christmas tree with a beautiful white star or angel.

To enhance the look of your theme, wrap Christmas presents in white or silver wrapping paper and top with coordinating bows.

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