Christmas Wedding Centerpiece

This is an easy Christmas wedding centerpiece idea made from items that you can find in your own backyard.

Items Needed:

Pine Cones (great condition)

(The number of pinecones depends on how big you want your centerpiece)

Acrylic Spray (Craft Department)

Spray Paint

Artificial Spray Snow (Optional)

Acorns, berries and greenery

Birds, nests and eggs

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Look around your yard and collect pine cones in great condition. (No sunken in spots or end pieces missing)

Next, place cones on work table and arrange in an order that is attractive to you. (I made mine in the shape of a tower, placing 20 cones on the bottom and working my way up. Of course, I used fifty pinecones also.)

Once you know how you want them placed, take out your hot glue gun and begin gluing them together.

Once cones are all glued together, Take spray paint, I used gold and silver, and spray the cones until they are completely covered.

Now, you can leave your centerpiece like this, or you can decorate it further.

I took my greenery and placed in and about the pinecones. Then I took red berries and glued to the tip of each pine cone that was exposed.

Towards the bottom, I placed a bird's nest with robin's eggs in it.

(You can buy these at a Craft Store)

Then a placed a few red birds standing slightly above the nest, as if watching it.

I took some acorns, glued them in sets of two and three, and placed in and around the pinecones.

Once everything was in place, I took my acrylic spray and sprayed the entire centerpiece.

Once that was dry, I then took my artificial spray snow, and lightly dusted the tops of the first 15 cones, giving the look of an early snow, high on top of a mountain.

*** If using real berries, be sure to take a needle and punch a little hole in them, place them on a windowsill and let them dry for at least 2-3 days before using.

You can also place a few poinsettia leaves in and around centerpiece also.

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