Chronic Pain Relief: All Natural Solutions

Do you find yourself stuck in the same old chair where you plug in your heating pad - get unplugged today! Make and use this organic, comforting, contouring source of heat on all your aches and pains.

If you suffer from any kind of pain, you are probably all too familiar with your heating pad. There it is, resting on the back of your recliner. Our kids used to call that chair the "electric chair!" We are always thankful for the humor, but the reality of the situation is that heating pads get too hot. They can burn your skin when used repeatedly. They wear out, burn out and are not really very portable unless you can plug-in to another socket when you go to bed or move into another room. And forget about taking it in the car with you!

Come visit our house and you will not find a heating pad! Miraculous healing you say? I wish! We have, however, found a much more suitable substitute for that electrical

hazard -- we call it a "heat bag." Not a very glamorous name for such a wonderful invention! What a heat-bag consists of are two items you could probably lay your hands on right now. A bag of rice, and a pillow case. Go out to the kitchen, empty some rice (cheap white rice is the best) into a pillow case, tie a knot in the top "" and there you have it! Now throw it in the microwave for a few minutes and you are free to roam, taking your heat source with you wherever you go!

Okay, you can fancy it up if you feel the need. I have found that heat-bags make wonderful, thoughtful gifts for any friends you have who have aches and pains. It is a gift that can be made-to-order. As much, or as little rice as is comfortable. You could put the rice into a sock to wrap around your shoulders or neck. I like to sew the rice up in some pretty gingham and finish off the edge with a few hand stitches.

Be creative! Make it to suit the person who needs the relief. Always be careful not to get the bag too hot. Experiment with your own microwave to determine how long you should heat the bag. Warning - you will want to pitch your bag after a few months and make a fresh one. They tend to get "over-baked" after a few hundred uses. Just grab one of those pillow cases you quit using five years ago that is collecting dust in the back of the linen closet, and another bag of rice, and you are back in business!

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