Citizen Eco-Drive Watch Troubleshooting

By Geoffrey Weed

  • Overview

    Citizen's line of Eco-Drive watches utilize a secondary solar-powered battery as a source of power that can keep the watch running even when its primary battery runs out of power. There are, however, certain circumstances that can cause trouble for an Eco-Drive watch and stop its function. Troubleshoot your Eco-Drive watch to determine what the exact source of any trouble may be.
    A Citizen Eco-Drive watch.
    • Step 1

      Expose the watch-face to strong light for several minutes. If the hands begin to move again then it means that your watch's main battery is dead and that the secondary battery needed to be charged. A Citizen Eco-Drive can run using only the secondary solar-powered battery for long periods of time, but occasional exposure to strong light is required.
    • Step 2

      Check the exterior of the watch for physical damage. A strong impact can damage the interior components of your Citizen Eco-Drive watch. Examine the exterior case for damage that would indicate that such trauma is the culprit. If you find such damage you'll likely need to send your watch in for professional repair.

    • Step 3

      Look to see if any water is visible behind the glass on the watch-face. While most Eco-Drive models are at least strongly water resistant, water can sometimes seep in and damage the interior components of the watch. Check to see if any liquid is visible inside the watch. If it is then you've located your problem. Water damage sometimes can be remedied by professional repair. In other cases, however, the watch will be ruined and cannot be fixed.
    • Step 4

      Replace the primary battery. If, after exposing your watch-face to sunlight, it still doesn't work, then try replacing the main battery. If the watch functions properly at that point then something is wrong with your secondary solar-powered battery. The solar battery will have to be replaced by a professional.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Tip: For information about your Citizen Eco-Drive's warranty coverage go to Citizen's website (see Resources below).
    • Warning:
    • Your Citizen Eco-Drive watch is a precision instrument and you should only attempt repair of it if you are a trained expert. Otherwise, consult a professional or send your watch in to an approved repair shop. A list of such shops and dealers can be found at the Citizen website (see Resources).

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