How To Clean Computer Parts

Keep your computer parts clean to help the machinery work efficiently, and to prevent a service call to a technician.

We are living in a different age. Twenty-five years ago people didn't have computers in their homes. Now just about everyone you talk to has a computer. In many homes people spend more time on their computer than they do watching television. That is one reason the machinery gets dirty so fast. Another reason is the equipment pulls dust toward it by static attraction. You will find lint, smoke, paper dust, perspiration, hair, and dirt from your fingers around, in, and on a computer.

The best way to clean a computer is to work from the screen and housing to the keyboard. Don't try to clean the inside of a computer by taking it apart. Stick with cleaning the external area. Only technicians should handle the inner workings.

The first part that you should clean is the computer housing and screen. If you have a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, sweep the computer housing and monitor. If you don't have one, you might want to go to the computer store and buy a tiny mini-vac that is made just for this purpose. If your screen and housing are so dirty that they need to be dampened, go to the computer store and buy a special formula you can get, or an alcohol based spray. Some people make their own solution and use a damp cloth, but it might not be safe. If you have spots or smudges, try Denatured alcohol to remove them. You will need to clean the printer the same way, but make sure you remove the paper first.

Dust and vacuum the keyboard, nosing it gently but firmly around the key area. If you find lint or dust that won't come up, buy a can of compressed air. This doesn't cost very much and it works really well. If a wet cleaning is needed, buy pre-moistened towelettes that are made just for this at the computer supply store. Once the dirt is loosened, take a cotton swab and go along the keyboard by each crack. As soon as one gets damp and dirty, throw it away and get a clean one.

To clean computer discs, you can also buy a solution that you spray on and wipe the disc with. This will keep it working like new and prevent scratching or wear and tear on the disc.

You can also go to the computer store and buy a computer cleaning kit. It comes with everything you need. Remember, a computer costs a lot of money and you want to keep it running well as long as you can. Dust your computer every few days and don't let it get very dirty before you clean it. This will make it a lot easier and quicker to clean. Don't set your computer by a heating vent because this will cause your computer to get dusty sooner.

If you spill anything into the computer, call a technician for help. Computers are touchy machines that must be dusted and cleaned frequently to keep them working effectively.

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