Clean, De-Clutter, And Organize Your Laundry Area

Home organizing tips and solutions to clean, de-clutter and organize a laundry area.

Laundry areas can strike fear in even the most organized people. Dropping grounds for not only dirty laundry but often the clean too. In addition, many of us do not have the time or resources to keep a laundry room running in an efficient manner. We toss in the dirty and take out the clean but what about all the in between tasks? A small amount of planning in addition to a few mobile and permanent storage options will get your laundry room in order.


As with any cleaning task that involves an overabundance of everything, start by removing all items that do not belong. Often, laundry rooms are located at the entrance of a house and become storage areas for items coming in such as backpacks, shoes, and mail. If this is your scenario, deal with these issues before moving on to the laundry area itself. If you must have room for these things, create storage purposely for them. Small garbage can for junk mail, hooks for keys, shoe and boot rack, coat closet or hooks for coats and backpacks. Also, consider how these items affect the area. Sort mail as you come through the door and immediately toss the junk, but bills and such should not be stored in a laundry/entrance area. Immediately put the mail in its proper place. Items that should be stored in a garage or basement, such as tools and garden equipment, often find their way into laundry areas. Remove them. Does your laundry area contain items that are related to laundry but have been left to pile up, such as that ever-growing basket of mismatched socks? Sort through the pile and if in doubt, toss it. Socks that have no match, have holes, or stretched out tops belong in the garbage.

Empty and Clean

Laundry rooms by occupational hazard are dust and grime collectors. Once the area has been de-cluttered, clean all surfaces including behind the washer and dryer and make sure the dryer vent pipes are dust and lint free. Wipe down any existing shelves, floors, and walls. If the area has a closet, empty and clean the interior.

Storage Solutions

A laundry area should include several key features:

- Shelving for detergents and assorted cleaning products

- Storage for laundry aides including iron, board, steamer

- Table for folding laundry that can double as a clean laundry pickup area by family members

- Laundry sorter, ideally one for each person in household

- Sufficient lighting

- Pleasant d├ęcor

If the area is lacking in any key features, try to incorporate them. Several companies manufacture some ideal laundry aides. ClosetMaid makes a deluxe laundry cart on casters that makes moving it easy. It incorporates shelves for folded items along with a garment rack. A laundry hamper on wheels is also available or a large stationary garment rack for more storage that is permanent. Iron-a-Way is an ironing board that folds up into a cabinet that hangs on the wall. When the Iron-a-Way is closed, all you see is a mirror on the outside of the cabinet. Shape & Dry is for anyone who has been looking for an alternative way to dry knits and other items that cannot go in the drier. It goes over the door to economize space and comes with oversized arms to keep the shape of sweaters and shirts as they dry. Moreover, MadeSmart manufactures an ultimate laundry storage unit. It fits around your washer and dryer by attaching directly to the wall with included mounting hardware. It incorporates shelves and garment racks into one easy to clean polymer unit.

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