How To Clean Drapes Or Curtains And Avoid Dust

Is your house dusty? Help to cut down the amount of dust that's in your house by following the simple tips in this article!

Dust is not only the enemy of every housewife, but it can also cause breathing problems for asthma and allergy sufferers alike. Because drapes and curtains are usually made of fabric, they tend to attract a great amount of dust.

You can help eliminate dust from your house by following these helpful tips:

1. Everytime you sweep and dust your house, you should use the vacuum cleaner to sweep off heavy drapes and curtains. Simply place a brush attachment on the end of the accessory hose and sweep in an up and down motion across the fabric. Don't forget to vacuum across the top of the window coverings in order to remove the dust that tends to collect there too.

2. You can also remove the dust from washable drapes and curtains quickly by taking them down from their rods. Then, place them in the clothes dryer along with a heavy, clean, damp rag and a fabric dryer sheet. (Be careful not to overload the dryer.) Turn the timer on for fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on how dusty they are.

Once the dryer is done, immediately remove the curtains and drapes and hang them back up on their rods. Your window coverings will be fresh and dust free!

3. Periodically, you'll need to take down your drapes and curtains and either wash them in your washing machine, or take them to a professional cleaner. Check the care tags to find out what type of cleaning they need. Some drapes can only be dry cleaned by a professional.

If the window coverings have hangers in the top of them, be sure to remove them first. You don't want them to come loose and damage your machine. Then, drapes and curtains that can be cleaned in a washing machine should be placed in a net bag. Place the net bag into your washing machine. You'll probably only get one panel, or maybe a pair of window coverings in the bag at once. Be careful not to overload the bag or they won't get completely clean.

Finally, add a gentle cleaner, such as Woolite (TM) to the load. Use cold water for the wash cycle as well as the rinse cycle, and run the load on a delicate cycle. You can add liquid fabric softener to the washing machine to help soften and freshen your drapes and curtains.

Once the drapes and curtains are clean, immediately remove them from the washing machine. Carefully remove them from the bag, and grab them by their tops. Then, you'll need to vigorously shake them to help remove the wrinkles. Reinsert their hangers and rehang them back on their rods.

Not only will your drapes and curtains be clean and free from dust, but they will also help to make the air in your house smell clean and fresh too!

You can also hand wash curtains in a sink full of cool tap water to remove dust from them. Add a gentle cleaner such as Woolite (TM), and gently roll them around with your hands. Then, gently wring them out and place them in a sink full of clean tap water to rinse them.

Finally, wring the curtains out carefully so you don't wrinkle the fabric. You'll need to wring them out so they are not dripping wet, though. Finally, rehang them on their rods immediately and allow them to air dry.

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