How To Clean Your Furniture

Look after your much loved furniture by these simple cleaning methods.Also learn how to remove dents off of wooden furniture.

As we enter into a showroom we can only wish that our own house were sometimes as clean and shiny as they were. The furniture seems so shiny and new, yet as the host tells you that the furniture is actually years and years old.

Well the first thing I wanted to know was, how do they keep their furniture so nice and shiny?

The following suggestions although simple are very effective in cleaning your household furniture.

With old or valuable furniture it is best to wipe over all surfaces thoroughly first with a clean damp cloth. This will remove any dust, and cup stains etc. It would be a good idea to use lukewarm water with a little bit of mild detergent mixed in for this.

For a good homemade mixture try the following: mix 2 parts of white wine vinegar, 2 parts of turpentine, and 2 parts of liquid paraffin and 1 part of methylated spirits into an old jar.

Apply this solution directly onto the furniture with an old cloth and make sure that you polish it off straight away with a clean dry cloth.

This will clean your furniture nicely without causing any damage.

A good way to get rid of those annoying dents on your much-loved wooden furniture is to place a thick, damp cloth over the dent. Then place the tip of a hot iron straight over the dent. The steam used will go through and swell the wood, then once this is done, you can polish the area and it should come up as good as new.

For furniture with French polish just wipe off marks with a damp cloth and wipe dry straight away; don't use too much polish on these surfaces.

For oiled furniture once again clean with a slightly damp cloth and maybe use a little bit of mineral turpentine.

For Painted Furniture, clean with a soft damp cloth mixed with some light detergent, and then wipe clean with clean water and leave to dry away from any sunlight etc. or direct heat.

The same methods should be used for varnished or sealed wooden surfaces.

For waxed woods, wipe first with a damp cloth, remember to always follow the grain when cleaning, otherwise the results could be very streaky and look worse than when you started.

Yes, by using simple cleaning methods on your furniture, you can prolong the life of it and make it look in showroom condition.

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