How to Clean Heads on a Dell Photo Printer 720

By John Stevens

  • Overview

    Over time, printer heads can become dirty from repeated use. Dirty printer heads can result in smudges, color fading, vertical lines and a host of other print quality problems. Thankfully, cleaning the printer heads on your Dell Photo Printer 720 is relatively easy.
    • Step 1

      Load paper into the printer by placing the paper against the guide located on the right side of the paper support. Make sure that the adjustable paper guide on the left side of the paper support rests against the edges of the paper by sliding the guide into position.
    • Step 2

      With the computer turned on, click on the "Start" button which appears at the bottom left of your computer screen.

    • Step 3

      Next, click on "Programs."
    • Step 4

      Click on "Dell Printers."
    • Step 5

      Select "Dell Photo Printer 720" from the list which appears.
    • Step 6

      Then click on "Dell Printer Solutions Center."
    • Step 7

      Click the "Maintenance" tab.
    • Step 8

      Click on "Clean to fix horizontal streaks."
    • Step 9

      Click "Print." As the printer is printing, the heads will be cleaned.
    • Step 10

      If the problem persists, click "Print" again until the printed result is clear.
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