How to Clean an HP Laser Printer

By Denise Bertacchi

  • Overview

    To keep the unit performing optimally, it's recommended that you clean your HP laser printer each time you change the cartridge. You should also give it a thorough cleaning after 15,000 prints, or whenever you see a decrease in print quality. Always check your manual for precise directions. Manuals can be downloaded from the HP website (see Resources).
    How to Clean an HP Laser Printer
    • Step 1

      Turn off the power to your HP Laser Printer.
    • Step 2

      Dampen a lint-free cloth with water and use it to clean the outside of the printer. Never use solvents or cleaners on any part of the HP Laser Printer.

    • Step 3

      Use another (dry) lint-free cloth to clean the inside components of the HP Laser Printer. Check the manual for directions on how to remove the covers. Remove dust and toner with the cloth.
    • Step 4

      Clean the following parts with a dry, lint-free cloth: the separation pad, the registration roller, the transfer roller and the fuser assembly. Don't touch the transfer roller with your fingers.
    • Step 5

      The paper pickup, feed and retard rollers can be cleaned with a dampened, lint-free cloth. Do not use cleaners.
    • Skill: Moderately Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Cloth
    • Warning:
    • Never touch the transfer roller with your fingers. Oil from your skin can damage the parts.
    • Never use solvents or ammonia on the printer; it will damage the parts.

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