How to Clean and Make Wood Blinds Look Like New

By Launie Sorrels

  • Overview

    Wooden blinds can be a beautiful addition to a home. They offer excellent privacy and protection from light, and can be energy-efficient. Keeping your wooden blinds clean can be a challenge, though, as they require special care and can be easily damaged.
    How to Clean and Make Wood Blinds Look Like New
    • Step 1

      Take the blinds down from the window if you choose to, or if it is practical to do so. (You can clean your blinds while they are still hanging.)
    • Step 2

      Use either a dry or cloth to clean one slat at a time. You may also find it easier to use a sock on your hand to wipe the slats, which should make the process go a little faster. A vacuum-cleaner attachment is also a great way to remove loose dust and particles.

    • Step 3

      Put a small amount of oil soap on a soft paintbrush and wipe each individual slat clean. This is a great way to clean wooden blinds that are particularly dirty.
    • Skill: Easy
    • Ingredients:
    • Cloth
    • Vacuum attachment
    • Oil soap
    • Warning:
    • Do not use water or regular soap on wooden blinds for any reason. This will cause the slats to warp and discolor. Also avoid regular household chemical cleaners, as they, too, will ruin the blinds.

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