How To Clean And Repair A Bean Bag Chair

No matter how old a bean bag chair is, it's always easy to repair and clean. Tips, instructions and solutions for fixing rips, tears, and scratches to make it look new.

Bean bag chairs have been loved by the young and the old alike for many years. And why not? Even though they sit directly on the floor, they're comfortable to sit in because they conform to the shape of your body.

Bean bag chairs are all moldable and cozy to sit in, but they aren't made the same. This type of chair comes in either a round or an egg shape. If the outer shell has been made by sewing together pieces, the resulting chair may well be egg shaped.

This type of chair is easy to repair because it is made up of three simple parts: the outer shell, the liner, and the filling. Once, bean bag chairs were filled with actual dried beans. Nowadays, though, they are usually filled with either small beads or Styrofoam pellets. The shell of the chair is usually made from a durable, water resistant vinyl material; some are made with real leather. And, the liners are made from a heavy fabric that resists rips and tear.

If you have a bean bag chair, there are basically three things that can go wrong with it. One, it can get a rip or tear in its outer shell. Two, as a result of a rip or tear in the outer shell and the lining, it can become damaged and lose all or part of its filling. And three, the zipper in the outer shell can malfunction or break and need replaced.

To repair the outer shell of a chair, you'll need to use either a vinyl or a leather liquid repair kit. Follow the manufacturer's instructions so you can do the job right. Basically, though, you'll need to mix up the liquid repair so that it matches the color of the outer shell. In the kit, there will also be sheets that resemble the pattern or texture of the material. You'll need to choose the pattern that best matches your bean bag chair.

The next step is to place some of the liquid repair over the rip or tear. Place the texture sheet over it, and then use a hot iron to melt the liquid into place. After the sheet is removed, your bean bag chair should look as good as new!

If the zipper on the shell needs to be replaced, you can purchase a new zipper at your local fabric shop. Use a thread ripper to remove the existing zipper, and then simply sew the new one in place.

You can also buy additional small beads or Styrofoam pellets to either add to, or completely replace, any filling that may come out of your chair too. To find a supplier, you should perform a search on the Internet.

As for cleaning a dirty bean bag chair, if the outer shell is made of vinyl or leather, you can simply wipe up any spills with a damp cloth. Other chairs are made with fabric covers that can easily be removed and tossed into a washing machine, then into a clothes dryer. These chairs add a touch of versatility to a bean bag chair because you can buy additional covers and change them whenever you want. These covers come in a variety of colors and materials, ranging from cotton to denim.

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