How To Clean A Shower Curtain To Shine Like New

Why throw away your shower curtain simply because it is grungy. Here is a simple and easy guide for how t clean a shower surtain.

Shower curtains get dirty. You would think they would be the cleanest things in your house, what with all that water and soap, but they're not. Whether your shower curtain is vinyl, cloth or plastic, body oils combined with soap scum can really make those curtains look so disgusting, you won't even want to get into the shower with them! I used to rip them down, crumple them into the garbage and buy new ones, after all, they only cost a couple of dollars. Three kids later, a couple dollars here and a couple dollars there add up pretty fast, this tip will save you a bit of money and takes very little time. If your curtain is vinyl or plastic, you can keep renewing it until it rips.

All you need to do is take down your curtain, whether it be vinyl or cloth, remove the rings and toss it into the washing machine with a cup of baking soda. Wash in a complete cycle with warm water or follow the instructions for wash on your cloth curtain.

It is probably not a good idea to put your vinyl curtain into the dryer unless you put it on very low and keep an eye on it. If your vinyl curtain is wrinkled, just hang it back in the shower and let the steam do the rest! Cloth curtains can be tumbled dry on low or can be hung up wet, it's going to get wet anyway!

Congratulations! You just saved yourself some money, kept a chunk of vinyl out of a landfill and helped your environment, all at the same time! Next time you buy a shower curtain, get a cloth one, they are easier to wash, come in all colors, look great and last a lot longer than vinyl!

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