How To Clean A Soap Dispenser

Tips for cleaning your hand soap dispenser.

With the increased popularity of liquid hand soap, many people keep a pump-style soap dispenser at the sink. Despite the cleansing properties of soap, soap dispensers still require periodic cleaning. Learn the best way to clean your soap dispenser, inside and out.

Soap dispenser - exterior

At least once a week, wash the exterior of your soap dispenser. Place a small amount of dish soap on a wet sponge or soft piece of terrycloth and use it to rub the soap on any dirt or smudges on the body of the dispenser. Apply some soap to the top of the pump; dirty hands touch it regularly. Run the entire soap dispenser under warm water until the soap is all rinsed away.

If the pump has grooves on it, you may need to periodically scrub it down with a soft brush. An old toothbrush works well for this. Make sure to turn the dispenser over and check the underside of the pump for build-up.

Once you have rinsed the dispenser, dry it with a soft cloth. This regular care should keep the exterior of your dispenser sanitized and clean. If mold or mildew has accumulated on the dispenser, you may need to use bleach to clean it. Use either a spray cleaner that is formulated to control mold and mildew or a five percent bleach solution and apply it to any areas of mildew. To make a five percent bleach solution, simply add a quarter cup of bleach to five cups of water in a bucket.

Soap dispenser - interior

The interior of a soap dispenser needs to be cleaned less frequently; it is probably adequate to clean the inside of your dispenser every few months. Since your soap dispenser needs to be empty to clean it, wait until it is due for a refill.

Remove the pump top from the dispenser and set it aside. Pour any soap out of the dispenser. Rinse the dispenser with running water several times until the water runs clear and all of the soap residue has been removed from inside. Since the damp environment of the dispenser may harbor bacteria in the areas, fill the dispenser with a five percent bleach solution and allow it to sit for several minutes. Then, pour out the bleach solution and rinse the dispenser with water several times.

To clean the pump, fill a sink or plastic container with warm water. Immerse the stem of the pump in the water, so water will flow through the pump when you activate it. Pump several times until the soap is cleared out of the tube and only water is moving through the tube. Replace the water with clean water and repeat to remove additional soap residue. Repeat this procedure one more time, but this time with five percent bleach solution to thoroughly sanitize the pump. Finally, pump clear water through it again.

Now your soap dispenser is thoroughly clean and you may refill it with soap and use it for several more months before repeating this process.

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