Cleaning Your Child's Room: Tips And Advice

Getting your child to keep his room clean, even with your help can actually work, let's try.

Are you having problems with your child cleaning his room, it is a total disaster area? Are you almost afraid to enter?

If you are afraid to enter walk down the hall and venture into the room or even look in then it's time for change.

Now, when you sit down and tell your child how clean you want this room he will certainly tell you that he doesn't think it needs to be that totally clean, but you need to remember: you are in charge, always know that, you are the parent and he is the child, its the rule of order in the home.

He isn't in charge of you, really he isn't. And please don't yell and threaten: that only causes you stress, and probably doesn't even bother him. He probably tunes you out when you do yell and threaten: children can, it is a fact.

Now on the first cleanup you will need to be in there working with him, show him how you want the room to be organized, clean and how to do each little thing. Yes, it does take that type of instructions or he will say, 'well I didn't know how to do this or that.' So you will need to sit down and talk about this, perhaps even have him write down each task that he will be expected to do daily or weekly. Some of these tasks should be: putting clothes in the hamper, no clothes on the floor, keeping toys in the toy box, keeping books on the shelves, no paper on the floor in little wads. Now we could go on and on listing all these little details and sure each child's room will be different, but these are just basic tasks to be done.

You might consider having an area, maybe in the closet, where they child might put a few things in a pile to be done later, although this usually doesn't work as the piles of clothing, papers, toys, books, etc. will be in the pile you have allowed so really I don't know if to advise having

that special area, perhaps not.

You need to set down special terms of what is expected to be done in his bedroom, that's the only way and also things that are not going to be allowed.

Set up a schedule, say when he comes home from school, he is to take off his good school clothes and put on older play and around the house clothes and to place those either in the hamper or hang again depending on your decisions.

Then he is to do any homework and if he takes out books from his book case or toys they are to be picked up before supper time. Another thought would be that if he doesn't have the room in order by Saturday morning, then he'll need to catch up on all tasks before going out to play with a friend or going to a movie, etc. In other words you earn the freedom to have the time to spend with your friends if you have the room clean.

If you tell him the house rules it will take a few Saturday mornings in his room accomplishing his tasks but then the other Saturdays those chores will be done so he has more time to spend on his friends or activites. Then you will have a child who assumes responsibility and also you won't be doing his tasks in addition to your own responsibilities in the home. Sure he'll be upset that first Saturday, will fuss, maybe even shed a few tears so you'll give in, but you shouldn't give in.

Maybe even get in the bedroom and rearrange a few things, move the bed, put some new pillows on the bed, spruce up the area if needed so he'll be proud of his bedroom and his own space. Sometimes having a fresh look to the bedroom area

will make a child want to keep it looking neat.

If your child is old enough and mature enough to decide how he wants his room arranged and its acceptable then help him move things around and he'll want to keep the room neat even more as he has made a few decisions. Remember always,

love, confidence and respect go a long way: yelling doesn't, always be the very best parent you can to your child.

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