Do You Have A Cleaning Closet

Do you have a cleaing closet that stores all of your cleaning needs. It can be a great deal of help in home organization. Here's why.

Do you have perhaps a special cleaning closet for just items for cleaning your home? I do, let's hope you do as it makes life so much easier and more organized and more efficient. Your supplies are easier to locate and there is definitely less wear and tear on larger equipment such as your vacuum cleaner, floor polisher, etc. when you have a special place for each item and it is always in its place, now that is very important. If you take something from a place be sure to return it to the same place, sure saves time and energy needed to search for those misplaced items.

Now naturally all the cleaning equipment in the home won't be stored in this one closet unless you so desire, for example I keep a handy tray in the bottom of the bathroom cabinet for just cleaning the bathroom to save steps.

First of all, let's install some hooks for hanging those brooms, dust mops, wet mops. Maybe a hanging container for storage of those vacuum tools or perhaps a shoe bag on the door.

In a general cleaning closet you'll store the following basic tools and cleaning aids: vacuum cleaner and attachments, broom, dustpan and brush, dust mop and wet mop. You'll need to store also the pails for cleaning, dust clothes and/or brushes, cleaning clothes, scrub brushes, floor wax applicators and polisher, sponges, whisk broom or fabric brush, paper towels, rubber and household gloves. You'll need a step stool for those high places, all purpose cleaners, window and glass cleaners, furniture wax, floor wax and other cleaning supplies.

Other things that are nice to have are: a carpet sweeper, hand vacuum cleaner, floor scrubber, art gum eraser, lemon oil for furniture if desired, kneeling pads, spray on spot remover, cleansing powder, something to clean walls or

wall paper.

In this cleaning closet think about getting a small deep basket with a carrying handle, light enough to be carried from room to room. This is such a simple way of organizing cleaning equipment and supplies and will also save you

those needless steps to and from the cleaning closet. Use this basket mainly for your small cleaning equipment and supples and probably it will include: whisk broom, upholstery brush, dust cloths and polishing cloths, duster, scrub cloths, sponges, furniture polish or wax, cleansing powder, spot and stain remover, all purpose household cleaner (I prefer lemon pine sol) and don't forget the window and glass cleaner.

If you will have all of these items I have listed above on shelves, on hooks, or in containers for easy reach for those days you cleaning life will be easier and much more efficient and you'll be so proud of your new cleaning closet.

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