Cleaning Faux Blinds

By Mika Lo

  • Overview

    Blinds have become a mainstay in modern housing; they are used to control the amount of sunlight that comes into a room or to simply better coordinate a room's appearance. Keeping faux blinds clean can improve the appearance of your room and ensure that you are removing harmful bacteria and dust that settles on them over time. Since faux blinds have more durable material than the real thing, it's easy to clean them with a little know-how.
    Cleaning Faux Blinds
    • Step 1

      Dusting your blinds should be done on a regular basis to prevent build up. Using a feather duster or even a dry cloth should remove dust and instantly improve the appearance of your faux blinds. Simply move the dusters or cloth along the surface of each slat several times and all parts of the blind to ensure optimal results.
    • Step 2

      Another way to lightly clean faux blinds on a regular basis is to vacuum them using the extension fixtures on your vacuum cleaner. This will do about the same job as dusting, but it is also helpful in removing dead bugs (or live ones) or spider webs that may have accumulated. Vacuuming is less hands-on and will allow you to reach higher without having to use a ladder.

    • Step 3

      In order to clean your blinds more thoroughly, it will be necessary to take them down from their fixture. This will allow you to inspect your blinds more carefully to see if they have any moldy spots or stains that need immediate attention and to perform deeper cleaning.
    • Step 4

      Faux blinds are generally able to withstand soap and water better than real materials, such as wood blinds. Test your faux blinds in a small, undetectable spot with warm water and nonabrasive soap to ensure that they will not be damaged. It is especially important that you test faux blinds made of cloth materials first. After you have removed your blinds from their fixture, simply use a sponge or cloth and wash them thoroughly with warm water and soap.
    • Step 5

      Before you rehang your faux blinds, allow them adequate time to dry. Leave them out in an open space that will allow them to dry evenly. To prevent water damage to any other materials, floor or furniture while they are drying, line the floor beneath them with plastic or other durable material. A room-temperature fan or a well-ventilated area will speed up the process without damaging the faux blinds.
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Tip: Deep cleaning of your blinds should be performed routinely (about once a month or so) but can be stretched out longer when your blinds are dusted or vacuumed on a regular basis (about once every other day).
    • Warning:
    • Using abrasive cleaners or stains may damage your blinds. Ensure that the cleaners used for your faux blinds will not harm them.

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