Cleaning Glass Dishes, Windows, Tinted Glass

Handle glass carefully when cleaning it to prevent chips and breakage that can ruin the dish and cause injury to the person doing the job.

Cleaning glass is pretty easy as long as you use the right cleaner on each type of glass. Remember there are many different kinds of glass, such as tinted, etched, textured, strained, cut, and crystal.

Glass cleaners have come a long way. Remember when your mother would tell you to mix vinegar and water, and then have you use newspapers to clean the windows with the mixture? Now there are spray glass cleaners like Windex. Others might have ammonia in them. Some add alcohol to help the window dry faster. These products can also be sued to clean chrome and metal or other similar substances. You can buy glass cleaner that won't streak. If you have large windows, you might want to use a squeegee. It will cut down on the time quite a bit.

On your inside windows, all you need to use is a glass cleaner that comes in a spray such as Windex and some paper towels. But if the windows are really dirty and have a lot of dust, smoke, or odors stuck on them, mix up a bucket of warm water and add a capful of ammonia and a little dishwashing detergent. If you have tape or some type of glue that needs to be removed, use a razor blade and go in one direction with it after you get the area soapy. Remove any lingering residue with the cleaning cloth. When your windows don't shine after you've cleaned them, take some clear water and vinegar to go over the glass again. Sometimes hard water causes this, or perhaps your cleaning water contained too much soap.

Be careful when cleaning tinted windows. You can clear them the same way you would clear glass, but read the guidelines and use the manufacturer's recommended products on them. If you can't find these, make the cleaning water very mild and use a soft cloth.

When cleaning etched or textured glass, let the cleaning solution sit for a couple of minutes and then use a soft brush to get into the cracks. Rinse off soapy residue afterward.

When cleaning stained or cut glass, spray the glass all over and then take a soft clean cloth to polish it dry. Don't use a squeegee or any other rubber cleaning item on that type of glass.

Normal glassware can be put in the dishwasher and washed with other dishes. But hand blown glass items should be washed by hand with a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Crystal glassware should be washed in the sink using hand dishwashing liquid and a few drops of ammonia. Do them one at a time and then use warm rinse water and vinegar. Set them individually on a dishtowel to dry.

Use rubber gloves if you have a lot of glass to wash. Buy a rubber mat to sit at the bottom of your sink in case you drop a glass while washing it, as they can become very slippery with dish detergent. You may want to hand-dry your glassware to remove streaks and droplet stains. Then store drinking glasses upside down to prevent their collecting dust.

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