Cleaning windows with newspaper

Tips on how to wash your windows using newspaper and help save you some money.

Cleaning windows is a dreaded household chore, usually looked upon as to much of a hassle to even get started. The biggest problem with cleaning windows is the fact that once the chore is complete the windows look no cleaner then before, because of all the lint and streaks left behind. Cleaning your windows with the newspaper that is sitting in your recycle pile waiting to go to the curb on the next pick up day will not only eliminate the lint and the streaks, but will also save you money on paper towels.

Black and white newspaper is all you really need to get your windows clean. Do not use newspaper that has colored ink unless you enjoy having a rainbow effect every time you look outside on a sunny day. Tear the newspaper into small sheets for easy use and store them in a dry area of your cleaning closet. When you are ready to use the newspaper for cleaning pull out a few sheets and crumple them into individual balls. Crumpling up the paper gives it texture making it easier to use when cleaning the windows.

Once you are done cleaning your windows, straighten the newspaper back out and put it back into the recycle pile. If you used water or a nontoxic homemade cleaner then let the newspaper air dry first before putting it back with the rest of your recyclables. If a toxic cleaner was used such as ammonia, bleach or a manufactured glass and window cleaner you will want to check with your cities recycle guidelines before mixing it in with the rest of the recyclables, the newspaper may not be considered safe to reuse after being in contact with those chemicals.

If you live in a dry, windy climate, then just take the newspaper, crumple it up and scrub away at your windows. It may take some hard work to get the windows clean, but it works. The ink acts as a natural window polish giving the window a beautiful stteak-free shine when the job is done. If you feel that just scrubbing the window with dry newspaper will not get the job done right at least do this first to help remove as much of the built up dirt as possible. Spraying your window with cleaner when it is very dirty will only create mud and make for a much more difficult clean up.

If your window is not too dirty you can mist it with a little bit of plain water, then scrub it with a crumpled up newspaper and dry it with another sheet of crumpled up newspaper. It would be in your best interest to wear gloves because the ink will dye your hands black if you do not. Using water and newspaper also works on car windows and is used by most major car dealerships to give their vehicle's windows that nice new car gleam.

Using a regular window cleaner will also work well when using newspaper to clean your windows. When washing your windows always try to wipe the inside in one direction and the outside in another, that way if there is a streak you will know which side of the window it is on making it easier to fix. Most often, if you are still experiencing a lot of streaking it is because of your cleaner. If you have recently switched to a homemade cleaner you will want to use a residue remover that usually contains vinegar, soap and water on the windows before using the natural cleaner. All natural homemade cleaners will smear if used on windows that chemical cleaners were used on in the past. Of course, the streaking could always mean that there was just a lot of dirt on the window to begin with and it needs to be washed again with a little more hard work and cleaner.

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