Closet Organization Tips: Unique Uses For Hat Boxes

Here's some ideas of what hat boxes can do to eliminate clutter and organize your closet.

Most of us would rather endure walk through a field of broken glass than try to locate something in our closets. The sad fact of the matter is that closets tend to be an area we ignore, until the fateful day arrives when we can no longer get the door to close.

For those of us who are organizationally challenged, there is an old standby that will bring order and calm to our messy closets - the good old-fashioned hatbox.

A staple of days gone by, hat boxes protected the elegant hats of women from dust, seasonal changes in temperature, and other elements that threatened to ruin a wardrobe essential. Men, in that bygone era, also protected their expensive bowlers and business headwear fresh and clean by using a hatbox.

Hats may no longer be the necessity for dressing well that they once were, but the hatbox lives on as a way to help us organize our stuff.

The great thing is that hat boxes come in two primary shapes: round and square. Both shapes lend themselves well to storage on a shelf, or stacked in neat rows. Hatboxes are also available in both reinforced cardboard and plastic models, and can come in any number of colors.

Utilizing hatboxes to organize items you need to keep is a closet is easy. As an example, square hatboxes work very well helping to organize games, puzzle pieces and other toys that many people keep on the top shelf of a hall closet. Card games and similar types of games can be placed within a single hatbox, and the contents can be noted on the brim or side of the hatbox, either by writing on the box itself or by using a label. Puzzle pieces can be placed in a zip lock plastic bag, labeled, and several placed in one hatbox. Toys can be segregated by age, by family member, or by interest and labeled accordingly. By utilizing hat boxes that will fit squarely on a shelf and stack securely on top of one another, all the clutter that seems to find its way to the bottom of the closet.

In a similar manner, hatboxes can be used to organize accessories in a bedroom closet. Much time and effort is wasted trying to find the right gloves that match the right scarf and go with the right shoes. A series of round hatboxes can be used to group those three elements together, so that with a single trip to the closet will suffice. As with the square boxes used for the hall closet, the round hatboxes may be stacked and labeled for easy retrieval. A bonus of using the hat boxes to group accessories is that you can forever banish those functional but unappealing shoe trees from your life.

Hatboxes are also a great way to store seasonal items such as sweaters, mufflers, even hats. Winter sweaters can be groups by color or thickness, labeled, and placed into the closet. By storing away the seasonal wear in this manner, valuable drawer space can be better utilized for those items that are needed year round. When it is time to change out clothing for the new season, simply store the old season's clothing in the hatboxes and move the sweaters back into the drawers for easy retrieval.

Even those odds and ends that have been set aside for an upcoming yard sale can be grouped and organized with the aid of hatboxes. Simply group like items together, place them in a hatbox, label the box, and store them on the floor of the closet. When the time comes to pull everything out for the yard sale, there are no mad dashes from closet to closet to dig out all those items you planned to get rid of but never can seem to get your hands on at the right time.

In addition to being functional storage in a closet, hatboxes also lend themselves easily to blending in with the d├ęcor. As an example, plastic or cardboard hatboxes can be painted or covered with shelf paper to coordinate with the color scheme of the room the closet opens into. The choices for decorating the hatbox can range from a simplistic solid color to stripes, faux paint schemes or patterns.

While the initial project of securing the hatboxes and preparing them to house your items can seem an intimidating one, the end result is well worth the investment. The time you save in not having to hunt for items, or living in fear of a closet door bursting open an injuring someone, will more than make up for the hard work involved in completing your closet makeover.

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