Clothes Closet Design Suggestions

Clothes closet design suggestions. If you have either a large or a small clothes closet being organzied and having a place for everything brings about more efficiency,I can help.

Isn't it wonderful to have a closet to be able to close the door on clutter. But remember that's not what closets are for. They are for storage of all kinds. Keeping them in total order is hard especially if they are very small in size and if you don't have many of them. If you will keep each closet planned and organized it will certainly make a difference in your lives.

Hopefully you will have a closet for each person in the home and one in each room also. Let's also hope that you have a linen closet also and perhaps a closet at each entrance to the house for storage of outside coats, shoes, etc. Unless you have a house specially built naturally you

probably won't have all these closets.

First of all you are going to need rods on one wall or more walls if room is available. On these rods you would hang blouses, suits, and skirts. For evening clothes and long garments, you need a plastic garmet bag or even an old pillowcase over them for protection from lint and dust.

You can either stack or build shelves for small items at the ends of the closets, for your shoes, handbags, hats, etc. Place some strips on shoe shelves to absorb moisture from damp soles. If you will also sprinkle the corners with cornstarch this will help to prevent odor in the closet.

Place a tie rack or shoe rack or even both on the backs of closet doors, this saves space in the closets also. If you will make either shelves or drawer units at the bottom of the closet you will have efficient use of space and also have some air space between your clothes and the floor. You can install swing out hangers for ties, shirts and trousers at ends of closets. Also you can buy multiple hanging hangers for skirts and trousers, some come they you can hang 4 or perhaps 5 items individually without wrinkling of the items. These really save space on the rods in the closets.

Stack some clear see-through plastic containers on the shelves above the rods in the closets, then you can see where the items or without even putting on labels: if not see through, then use adhesive labels. Make sure these are mostly the same size as you can fit more in the space available.

Another thought is to attach a towel rack to the inside of a closet door to hold several pairs of men's or women's slacks.

Consider also dividing the closet into sections, use one half for dresses and coats, another for blouses, skirts, etc. You can even install cup hooks in the closet for hanging items such as perhaps a blouse you might wear again the next day or a belt.

Look in your local stores for the following which will help you in having efficiency in your closets: garment bags, transparent plastic boxes for hats, handbags, etc., shoe racs, bedding cases,specialized hangers for all kinds of purposes such as belts, skirts, pants.

Now get busy and organize, go through everything before putting each item in your closet, ask yourself will I ever wear this again, do I need this, does it fit and then make careful decisions on all items going into your closets.

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