Clothing And Accessories: The Top Five Fashion Splurges

Learn about cost per wear (cpw), the top five fashion splurges to spend the money on and why these items beat out trends bar none. Expensive clothing and accessories can sometimes be essential to your wardrobe.

Every once and a while, one has the need to splurge on a big-ticket item, a piece of clothing or an accessory that has status written all over it. And, if you figure cost-per-wear(cpw) in the mix, that splurge item could be well worth the money in the long run. Learn about cpw, the top five fashion splurges to spend the money on and why these items beat out trends bar none.

What is Cost-Per-Wear?

This is the cost of the item; divided by how many times you will wear it or use it. Say you buy a Chanel handbag (big-ticket item) and that handbag costs $1,000. Let's say you use it everyday (hoping that the handbag is a classic shape, color, etc.). Your cpw is about $2.74 a day. And, in 10 years, it's about .27 a day. A bag like this can last for much longer with tender love and care. In the long run, you end up saving money since you're buying a well made piece, as opposed to a trendy handbag that could fall apart in a few months.

1. A Good Bag.This doesn't mean you need to spend big money on a designer handbag. Remember, subtle luxury goes a long way and can carry you for a decade. Steer clear of massive logos or bright colors. Instead, pay attention to fabrics, like rich leathers. Also, go for a subdued color like black or brown. Black would get an incredible amount of use over the years. Not to mention, it's easier to dress up.

2. Real Diamond Stud Earrings. Now you can be a little bit like Oprah because any time you see her dripping in diamonds (day or night), you know they are real and you know that she owns them (this successful TV icon doesn't borrow jewels). You don't have to either. Again, think of this as a long-term investment. Just think back to how many pairs of cubic zirconia's you have bought over time that lost their luster after a few months. This won't happen with real stones. Look for special deals or buy during holiday sales to save money.

3. Cashmere Anything. Whether, you're looking for a beautiful sweater or a cashmere wrap, you can't go wrong. It not only looks beautiful and luxurious, but it feels incredible. You can dress this up or down, depending on your mood. But one thing is for sure, no matter how you wear it; you'll feel better about your look with cashmere.

4. A Great Pair of Shoes. Think Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo, however, if you want to get a lot of wear out of it, go for classic black or neutral tone sling backs (you can wear these all year round, no matter where you live). Go for a pointy toe, they are forever stylish.

5. A Great Dress. This could take you from the office to a black tie event or, when you have absolutely nothing to wear, you'll always have this stunner to pull out of your closet and wow a crowd. It can be any color or any shape. What it must have is a great fit for your body type and what you must have is confidence to pull off the look. Change up the accessories to make it different and unique, every time you decide to wear it.

Splurge items can definitely last longer than trendier pieces. Just remember, when deciding which splurge item to buy, always decide against the trendier item. If it is an of-the-moment handbag, forgo it; you'll be pleased later"¦ Those "too trendy" items typically only get "a season" of wear. Choose wisely and your splurge pieces can last a lifetime and be passed down to your child or grandchild. Now how is that for cost-per-wear? I say, not too shabby.

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