Best Clothing Colors For Brunette Hair

The popularity of bold exotic colors make it easy for a brunette to find flattering shades. Here are five top clothing colors for brunettes.

There's great news for brunettes this season and that news is turquoise.The hottest color out there is one of the most flattering to dark-haired women.After all, finding the best colors to wear isn't all about choosing well.If a certain shade goes out of fashion, it becomes nearly impossible to find it.The resurgence of jewel tones and lush, exotic hues means more options for brunettes this season.

Turquoise.This gemstone has long been valued for its intense blue-green color.It has even been considered a good-luck charm in parts of the world.Now this color is appearing everywhere, from bright turquoise coats and dresses to rings and belts set with the gemstone itself.The brilliance of the turquoise hue offsets brunette hair in a way that is particularly striking.Try turquoise earrings or a barrette set with turquoise stones to bring out the best in brunette hair.

Crimson Red.No one can wear blue-reds as well as a brunette.The passionate and bold color of red contrasted with dark hair is a showstopper.If you're ready for attention, a crimson dress will supply it this season.If you like the color but aren't ready to make that strong a statement, try a flowing red silk shirt with chocolate-colored pants.

Sapphire Blue.After several seasons' absence, sapphire blue is finally starting to appear again.Brunettes should grab this jewel tone while they can.It is classic, elegant and beautiful.It never looks out of place, whether it's on a baseball jersey, an office dress shirt, or a simple dress for dinner.A brunette in sapphire blue is effortlessly stunning.

Lime Green and Mint Green.If you've thought you couldn't wear lime green, you may be surprised.Icy yellow by itself is a difficult color for brunettes, but when a touch of green is added, it morphs into the perfect backdrop for dark hair.Pair silver accessories with a lime green sweater and the blue undertones in both will bring out the depth in brunette hair.If you're just not fond of lime, choose mint instead.This icy blue green color is just as flattering as lime on brunettes and is an equally striking choice.

Grey.Looking for an alternative to black?Try grey.Grey is just as stylish as black but is less severe.Brunettes should look for blue-greys, not brown-greys.Soft greys pair well with bold jewel tones.Dress up a grey wool suit with a sapphire blue shell underneath.Or wear a pair of grey slacks with a crimson silk turtleneck.Purchasing basic grey pieces is a perfect way for the brunette to keep her wardrobe functional and flattering.

Whether you're a natural-born brunette or just jumping onthe brunette bandwagon, knowing what colors to look for in advance can save you time and energy when shopping.If you know what colors are the most flattering on you, you can look for them each season.Color trends come and go, but the astute brunette can always find flattering colors if she keeps her eyes open.

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