Clothing Stain Removal

Simple treatments to remove stains from clothing.

Stains on clothing can be very frustrating if you don't know what to do about them. These tips will prepare you for some of the most common stains.

For wine stains, flush the stain with club soda immediately then flush with hot water. For more stubborn stains make a paste of borax and water and work paste into stain and let sit for 20 minutes, then launder as usual.

For soft drink stains, soak in 1 quart warm water, 2 teaspoons liquid laundry detergent and 1 tablespoon vinegar for 15 minutes, then rinse and launder.

For crayon stains, load washer with hot water, 2 tablespoons borax and normal amount of laundry detergent. Run washer for 10 minutes and then add 1 cup white vinegar. Run washer for another 10 minutes then check the stain. If stain remains, work a detergent paste into the stain. Wash 5 minutes longer and rinse.

For fabric softener stains, rub stained area with Ivory soap and launder as usual. Repeat as necessary.

For motor oil or other heavy oils, rub with petroleum jelly and treat with a laundry pre-treat stain remover.

For rust stains, use a paste of lemon juice and salt and place in sunlight. Make sure and keep it moist until stain disappears.

For ball-point ink, use hairspray that has alcohol in it on the stain. Be sure and place a paper towel behind the stain to absorb the ink. Blot stain with rag. Repeat until all the ink has disappear then launder.

For grease and butter, use a laundry pre-treat and launder. Do not dry until the stain is out. For stubborn stains work a borax and water paste into the stain, then launder as usual.

For chocolate, rinse as soon as possible with cool water, spray with a laundry pre-treat and let set for 30 minutes then launder as usual.

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