Clothing And Your Two Year Old Child: How To Keep Them Dressed

Keeping clothes on a two year old, a hard task but it can be done.

Many of you can relate with this issue if you have ever or do have a two year old child: How do you keep their clothes on them? It is at times like trying to hold down a wild monkey in completing this task, but it can be done. Think of this as a Rodeo event: instead of whoever can rope the calf the fastest it would be called, who can get the two year old dressed first.

We have to, many times at our house, play a game while dressing our toddler. We laugh and joke and make funny faces while trying to get her dressed, or say crazy things like 'oh no look at that monkey.' Sometimes this will work and other times, she will look at us like we are really crazy.

We have also tried the sweet method, where you calmly in your sweetest voice ever, say 'come here honey let's get dressed and go to Grandma's house,' and this liitle two year old angel will then look at you, and run like crazy. We have found with the game playing, our toddler is starting to get smarter than us, and fights getting dressed even more so.

Then we move on to the 'let's ignore the fact that she is naked,' We tried this and all got ready to go somewhere one day: the toddler insisted that she not wear clothes so we just pretended it was ok, and said 'let's go,' we all walked out to the truck and looked and there was our naked toddler getting into the car seat like it was no big deal.

Next step.. Do you feel it is ok to use bribery as a method?

some may say yes, but I have to say no: we did the M&M thing and after that every time we tried to get her dressed, she would say candy. So in her eyes, you don't get dressed without first having candy.

The final phase of this problem: we all know toddlers hate to be rushed: they seem to do everything at their own little pace, which sometimes doesn't fit into our busy schedules.

The final phase fianlly brought us to a solution for everyone. We get up early and pick out toddler's outfit, and tell her to dress herself: this part she loved, it only took her thirty minutes to get all of her clothing on the correct way, except of course for the shoes, and there she was at the door ready to go before anyone else.

So my advice is quit the games and don't let them win: they are much smarter than us. Let them think they are making the choice to get dressed, and there you have it, one dressed Toddler and one very happy Mother.

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