Cockroach Home Extermination

Cockroach home extermination can be accomplished through various methods.

Discovering that cockroaches have invaded your home is a nightmare, to say the least. Roaches are often brought home in grocery bags, cardboard boxes, pet food bags, and in other items they can hide in. Cockroaches are often associated with dirty living conditions, but any home can become infested with cockroaches.

According to Mike Potter, Extension Entomologist from the University of Kentucky, the website article entitled "Cockroach Elimination" says, cockroaches like locations that provide food, dampness, darkess, and warmth. He suggests making sure cardboard boxes, paper sacks, and pop bottles are not left around the home. He goes on to say, foods should be kept in sealed containers, and any spills or food particles should be cleaned up right away. Dirty dishes in the kitchen sink should be thoroughly rinsed or immediately washed after use. Kitchen garbage cans need to have sealed lids. Also, pet foods should not be left out. Cleanliness is important in preventing and getting rid of cockroaches, according to "Cockroach Elimination".

"Cockroach Elimination" recommends the use of boric acid and cockroach baits to help eliminate cockroaches. It says that baits are effective because cockroaches consume the bait and go back to their nests and die. Other roaches in the nest die from coming in direct contact with poisoned feces and sputum excreted by the dying cockroach. They are easy to use and are self-contained. The same article suggests placing baits in areas that cockroaches have been seen or are likely to go. The baits should be placed next to walls or corners and near crevices, since cockroaches are seldom out in the open. "Cockroach Elimination" says at least ten baits should be located in the kitchen and two in each bathroom. Two to four more baits should be used in other rooms where cockroaches have been sighted. Sprays should not be used in conjunction with baits since they may discourage cockroaches from going to the bait and ingesting it. Make sure extreme caution is used when placing cockroach bait or other insecticides where they can be reached by children and pets.

Boric acid powder is an odorless and highly effective product for controlling cockroaches, according to "Cockroach Elimination". However, it must be used correctly to be effective. The same article says it can be used simultaneously with cockroach baits. It goes on to say that boric acid does not deter cockroaches, so they will keep coming back to the treated area and eventually die. Boric acid is also reported to be safe to use around children and pets. "Cockroach Elimination" says that boric acid should be used as a light dusting in areas frequented by cockroaches. Applying it too thickly will encourage them to go around it. Under appliances, sinks, and around plumbing are all common places to find cockroaches. It warns not to put boric acid in areas of food preparation or where the boric acid is visible.

If you give these methods time to work and do not achieve success, the infestation may be too advanced, and you will need to contact a professional exterminator.

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