Cockroaches Information

According to the National Pest Control Association cockroaches can contaminate food and transmit disease.

Cockroaches are the most repulsive of all household pests. Not only do they look disgusting, but they act disgusting. According to the National Pest Control Association cockroaches can contaminate food and transmit disease

carrying organisms, including staphylococci, strep, colform molds, salmonella, yeast's and clostridia. They also spread parasites that cause toxoplasmosis, an illness that can causes birth defects if the pregnant women gets infected.

Cockroaches spread disease by carrying contaminated organisms onto your countertop or onto your leftout food. Roaches will eat animal and human feces, rotten and contaminated food, book bindings, leather, and even the

glue on canned food labels. They like the glue in paper bags and can be transported from grocery store to homes via the bags.

There are 4 types of cockroaches. The German Cockroach; the most common and the smallest of the species. American Cockroach; light brown with yellowish wings, can't really fly, but glides. Oriental Cockroach; dark reddish brown. Brown Banded Cockroach; yellowish or brown with brown bands on wings. Cockroaches can grow to be 2 inches long.

As for reproduction, all cockroaches produce offspring the same way. The females produce 20 to 30 egg capsules per cycle, each containing between 15 and 40 eggs. Females can have up to 30,000 offspring in their lifetime.

Cockroaches like dark, moist, warm places to live in. The kitchen and bathroom fit this description but so do other places like laundry baskets. They will also live in boxes, paperbags and books. It is easy to transport them from house to house and even across oceans.

Prevention and control are important in the fight to eliminate cockroaches. Killing only the ones you see is not effective, because if you see one there is 300 in hiding. To eliminate them in your house you have to get rid of their food and water, eliminate the present population with a poison and prevent future cockroaches from invading your house.

Always plug drains on sinks when not in use. Cockroaches can't swim but they can come in through sewer pipes if the water has subsided. Keep counters, floors and cupboard free from food and crumbs.

Insecticide sprays can be used to control cockroaches. You can call out a professional and pay for the service to your home. You can also spray yourself with an insecticide you buy at a home center. You have to make sure you get all the hiding places, cracks, crevices, baseboards and under

sinks. you can also place boric acid powder along the same places and then when a cockroach walks through it, it clings to their feet and antennae. When they ingest the powder it kills them. Boric acid is fairly safe to use and

handle. Ingested in large quantities can make a human sick too. Cockroach bait houses are also effective as a supplement to spraying.

You must prevent cockroaches from entering your house by sealing up any holes and cracks along baseboards, door frames and windows. Seal up the space around water and sewer pipes, and electrical and telephone lines where they come inside. Keep all piles of debris and mulches and compost piles away from your house. Spray the perimeter of your house frequently. Cockroaches are stow aways and will come into your house in boxes, bags, pet food cartons (cockroaches love dog food), appliances and laundry, so

inspect them carefully.

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