All About Cocktail Rings

The cocktail ring is the ultimate accessory, tips on how to make any outfit shine, what styles to choose from and what to wear with them.

The cocktail ring is an important eye-popping statement to make with your cocktail attire. Whether you're wearing a colorful whimsical dress or a basic black number, adding a cocktail ring adds a splash of drama and glamour to your ensemble. With so many rings to choose from, ranging from the bold and the beautiful, to bling-worthy conversation starters, knowing what to look for in your favorite evening babble is key.

They are Classic and Timeless

The cocktail ring has been around for centuries. And, one thing has stayed true - the unforgettable large size of the ring. However, styles, colors, stones, gold, white gold or platinum are all used to make your favorite cocktail ring truly unique and something that fits in your lifestyle, price range and wardrobe.

Make Any Outfit

Getting ready for a cocktail party is simpler than it looks. You just need a few bold pieces and a cocktail ring is the perfect accessory to make an outfit feel new and fresh, not to mention glamorous.

The Styles

It's amazing the amount of styles available these days in the world of fashionable bold rings. When searching for the perfect ring, choose one that you feel comfortable with. If you're not used to wearing bold, eccentric jewelry, opt for a smaller cocktail ring. If you love bold conversation starters and feel comfortable with a large flashier ring to dress up your finger, go for that.

Decide the price that you want to spend on your ring. Cocktail rings can range in price, from the very inexpensive ($20) to the very expensive (well over $20,000). The most perfect cocktail rings have a mix of elegance and glamour that mixes real stones with faux. In doing this, you can be sure that the ring looks like an elegant piece and not a new addition to your costume jewelry collection.

The use of different stones is also on the rise in the cocktail ring industry. Everything from Emerald, Diamonds and Pearls are popping up on the fingers of fashionable women around the world. Choose candy colored rings like pinks and yellows, from pink sapphire, pink tourmaline or citrine to yellow sapphire, and even yellow diamonds.

Other lush shades can be found in cool blues of sapphire and aquamarine, to the vibrant greens that Oz's Emerald City would envy like emerald. The shapes can also differ - which is exciting. Look for round, square, emerald cut pieces that will make your finger gleam.There are also a tremendous amount of styles, ranging from modern designs to your grandmother's vintage styles.

It's the Ultimate Accessory - What Not to Do...

Since your cocktail ring is a bold statement on its own, there are a few limited rules. Today, you can wear your cocktail ring to dress up jeans, wear it by day, or of course to your favorite gala affair. Here are a few fashion rules to follow to ensure your cocktail ring gets the attention it deserves.

It's important not to stage up the ring, by wearing less important ones on other fingers on the same hand. You don't want to downplay the importance of the ring. If you're attending an expensive affair, don't cheapen your look by wearing a cocktail ring for $20. Look for something that's the middle-of-the-road, and remember many designers are mixing white gold with cubic zirconia's stones and semi-precious stones for example. Give the center stage to the ring. Don't over accessorize when wearing a cocktail ring. Go for less is more. Try large diamond studs or pearl earrings to off set the glamour and simple elegance of your cocktail ring.

Where to look...

There are so many places to find exciting cocktail rings. Search department stores, boutiques, online stores, outlet stores and up-and-coming jewelry designers for your conversation starter piece, independent retail jewelers or even national jewelry chains. Look for a bargain. Many times national and local jewelers have sales. Befriend the sales person at your favorite jeweler to let you in on store sample sales.

What to wear...

This can always be challenging, but finding a suitable dress doesn't have to be daunting. Look for simple styles. Black is always a good answer. Or, if you enjoy making bold statements, try color...a beautiful dress in the candy colored shade of your cocktail ring would also be beautiful. Try a faux fur wrap, beautiful shoes and your look is simple, glamorous and elegant.

The fabulous thing about a cocktail ring is that they represent so much. You can look at a certain ring and remember the party you-so-gratefully shined at, the people you met, the fabulous food and drink you enjoyed -whether you're attending a party or hosting a cocktail party at your home bar. A cocktail ring can make you shine in so many ways.

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