Coffee basics: latte recipes and types

If you love coffee, then you probably love Latte too! Find out some delicious recipes you can make at home by reading this article!

If you are a coffee lover, then you probably enjoy Cappuccino, Expresso, or Latte. Latte, or "Caffe Latte", as it is actually known as, is a popular form of flavored coffee that was brought to us from Europe. You can buy Latte at your favorite java joint, or you can buy instant mixes that you only have to add hot water to.

However, you can also make some delicious Latte right in your own home by following these delicious,

foolproof recipes. There's no need to use a machine, or to go out and buy any special ingredients either! You can add more or less of any ingredient listed to make your Latte exactly the way you love it too!

Just like a great cup of coffee, a rich, creamy cup of Caffe Latte is typically served piping hot.

Recipe for Hot Caffe Latte


Hot, Black Coffee


White Sugar

One half teaspoon of Vanilla Extract


Use a fairly large sized coffee cup for this recipe. Fill it half full with hot, black coffee. (You can either use caffeinated coffee or decaffeinated, the choice is yours!) You can also use brewed or instant coffee- either one works well. Heat up about a quarter of a cup of cream in the microwave. The cream should be hot, but not boiling.

Stir the cream quickly in order to add air to it. Then, stir enough of the heated cream into the black coffee to make it thick and milky. Then, add the half of a teaspoon of the vanilla extract to the mix. Finally, add enough white sugar to make the Latte as sweet as you want it to be. Stir the coffee well, then enjoy!

Note: If you want to add a dash of extra flavor to your Latte, you can drop a dollop of whipped cream on the top too!

Recipe for a Latte Summer Cooler

Did you know you can also enjoy Caffe Latte as a Summer drink too? This recipe will cool you down in no time!


Two cups of Black Coffee

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream

One teaspoon of Vanilla Extract


Again, you can use either caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. And, you can use brewed or instant, it doesn't matter. Place the coffee in a blender; add the vanilla ice cream and the extract. Turn the blender on and blend the mixture until it's frothy and creamy.

Then, pour the Latte Summer Cooler into a tall glass, and enjoy!

Note: If you want to make this drink extra special, you can add a dollop of whipped cream, a shake of Cinnamon, or a cherry on the top of the glass!

The taste of this cool Caffe Latte recipe is so delicious that you'll want to serve it as an after dinner dessert, or, for a drink with your lunch!

As you can see, Latte is basically a combination of a type of black coffee, a type of cream, and a sweetener. If you want to experiment with different tastes, there are are varied roasts of coffee you can try. There are also flavored coffee beans that you can use.

The cream not only adds a rich taste to the coffee, but it also adds body and frothiness. You can substitute milk for the cream, if you prefer. It won't be as rich of a drink, but the Latte will be lower in fat and calories.

And, the sweetener, which is usually white sugar, can be an artificial sweetener instead. This can be helpful in shaving a few calories off of the Latte if you're watching calories.

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