Coffee Tables Made From Wine Barrels

By Fossette Allane

Coffee tables made from wine barrels add historical interest and a cool, upcycled design aesthetic to your living room decor. Artists craft wine barrel coffee tables by deconstructing and reusing the wood. Make your own with basic construction skills, using the gentle curves of wood seasoned with decades of spirit production as inspiration for your creation.

Artisan Wine Barrel Tables

Some woodworkers create polished, cheerful-looking coffee tables by recycling wine barrels. Find examples of their work online. Ask to visit their studios to see how they make the tables; many craftspeople are happy to open their workrooms to interested potential customers. If you like the work of a particular carpenter but don't see a table that meets your needs, or if you have wine barrels with sentimental value that you would like to turn into tables, inquire about a commission.

Making Your Own

Deconstruct a wine barrel with a nail remover, crowbar and saw. Problem nails can be cut off with a rotary tool and an abrasive cut-off wheel for ease of disassembly. Let the raw materials inspire you to construct a coffee table the size and shape you desire. Work with the curves of the wood to maintain the integrity of its previous life as a barrel and create an unexpected, intriguing shape. Mix other recycled materials, such as metal and glass, into your design for an inventive, artisanal piece.

Wine Barrel Accessories

Craftspeople who specialize in wine barrel furniture offer complementary furniture items such as benches and chairs. Mix and match other wine barrel furniture with your coffee table for a cohesive look. Add other recycled wood items, such as a wood pallet dining table and bentwood picture frames, to create an eco-friendly, evocative, wood-centric decor.

Easy Alternative

For an easy alternative to a hand-crafted wine barrel table, assemble a simple version with a half barrel topped with a sheet of thick glass. Order thick, table-weight glass cut to your size specifications from a glazier. Specify polished, finished edges and rounded corners for your tabletop. Rest the glass on top of the half barrel for a rustic design that shows off the barrel intact.

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